A Truly Radical Thought

i have a very terrible thing to say. It is so terrible it is just about never said in the US news media or anywhere. In fact I cannot even believe I am writing this.

Most people including partisans of Trump or Hillary would have a great time with the so-called candidate they despise if they talked over dinner with them.

Both candidates like  most people, have seen a lot, have families and have gone through much to have empathy with others. There is usually nothing like ‘breaking bread” together in largely what are calming and positive environments of a restaurant or better still a family table with direct eye  contact to de-demonize.  It does not always work out but it is often a good start.

I saw  a bit of that at the Smith banquet to raise funds for the needy, where both candidates while not generous in words  about each other showed their charitable and more human faces. Even Mr.Trump was smiling like he was with family despite many there not being  on his political side. It is called community in this case of caring New Yorkers many of whom have helped the city including both Trump and Clinton.

There is a lot with these candidates including their long years of life to make them more than one dimensional such as “Crooked Hillary” or misogynist narcissistic Trump. The Smith charity dinner reminded one of that.

Americans need a real conversation “over dinner” rather than  the media bombast. They need places to  connect into their common humanity and mission to succeed. That will be especially so after the election and especially given  the troubled local to global  seas in which all in the American common ship are impacted by or feel.

Much of election has been media bombast and exaggeration and excess partisanship. It is time to eat together and care together once again, like a family no matter what the differences. I am thus putting a moratorium even on my ‘rancour’ towards  the Clinton’s for  now . A so-called political ceasefire for America.

Americans need to break bread together not just break each other’s political spirit. That idea must resonate more powerfully irrespective of who was the election winner.

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