Meet Peter Dash

Harvard researcher formerly; adviser to opinion shapers, the subject of numerous blogs and journals for his expertise, and sought after speaker and news contributor–Peter Dash. Peter has been interviewed by the Vancouver Province, of Jim Cramer fame, CBC, and the  Telegraph of London and met producers at ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, Yahoo News, and other leading North American media . What does this man know that would make so many listen and seek his advice? What makes hundreds of thousands of individual visitors in over 140 countries around the world, including the less-well-to-do to millionaires to serious policy analysts come to this site?

Peter comes from a corporate and banking family and understands the intricacies of the banking world. Educated at McGill University, in Montreal, where he did his graduate business studies; and Harvard University, where he studied graduate courses in international affairs at an institute started by Henry Kissinger – gives him even more understanding into the machinations of banks as a business. Moreover, he also has degrees from UBC in forestry with a focus on the environment and a masters degree in applied linguistics from the University of Southern Queensland, in Australia.

Peter in front of MuseumHaving lived and operated in many global hot spots (like Saudi Arabia, China, Korea, Moscow and others), has given him keen insight into the thinking and geo-political realities that are not only driven by politicians, but the bankers who move and grow the money.

Are terrorists and brutal dictators who we need to fear most, or should we also have great concerns with the decisions of those who impact monetary policy? Peter Dash’s views are well supported by extensive research. He has organized and spoken at top international conferences and seminars with numerous cabinet ministers, ambassadors and corporate executives at the CEO level.

ZUrabiaThis has led Peter to write ZUrabia, which the US media and CBC say is “…as terrifyingly real as it gets…” and “Not too far from what could happen.” It warns you of possible scenarios that go well beyond Al Qaeda and the 2008 financial meltdown. While fiction, it is edutainment!

operation golden bear by Peter DashOperation Golden Bear

Peter’s latest book, Operation Golden Bear, is a geopolitical thriller taking place in a future where Russia is emerging as a world power, with intentions to bring down America economically and politically. This time, it is about global market manipulations planned out of Russia against North America and London, but partly carried out through the Caribbean. Fast paced and gripping, it will have you looking at current world events with a different pair of glasses.

Peter teaches business English, culture and communications to international professionals and is an investor.