America Can Be Great: But what will it really take?

There was a time when America was the underdog for the underdogs.The noble experiment of the popular republic of a real federalism of states where all men were born equal with no need to be part of a dynasty to become the US president.

It was also a country where its Bill of Rights was so far ahead of almost every country on Earth and that shone brightly and even inspired to a degree the universal declaration of rights of the United Nations for which America was a key founder and booster. America was internationally inspiring and caring.

That presidents were taken seriously who asked the people,” Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”A country that entered just wars and beat heinous enemies like the Nazis and liberated and embraced concentration camp survivors.

But what do we have too often since the days of retiring President Eisenhower who warned of the military industrial complex or President John F. Kennedy felled by a bullet and who knows what behind it, be it secret societies of sorts or not with selfish agendas.

We have had a huge war engine build-up and squandered millions, no billions, no trillions that should have gone to the ghettoes to the villages of Africa and Vietnams to uplift the destitute, poor and even wretched of the world.

Instead millions of pounds of bombs have been dropped on innocent people in unwinnable wars to profit big crony steel at the time and continuing today with crony war industries backed by financing of crony Wall Street.

Since the World War II with its noble mission on paper constitution, America has won no war of consequence or the associated peace. It has instead built itself to fiscal bankruptcy by reckless efforts for the most part especially in the most recent years to take the world.

How does this relate to the founding fathers who preached that the country should avoid unnecessary foreign entanglements? How have the many assasasinations of state leaders of dislike to Washington and coup overthrows sponsored by certain CIA elements including more recently the one in Ukraine acted as a pedestal for the rights of man and of course, women? They have generally not but made for more chaos, increased hatred of America and blowback.

The lobbyists of big money have expanded well beyond the war profiteers into every area including sugar beets to ethanol to General Electric. The big banks at a snap of the finger get laws rewritten in Congress to bail them out time after time even over the most famous, investment bail-outs with average people’s money. And at the same time, government waste is infinite and its central bank is achieving the creation of the mother of all bubbles when they burst could make 2008 look like tiddly winks. That includes the central bank itself, eventually?

The suggestion is for a disrupter to be put into the den of foxes so they never raid the hen house or eat the goose that lays the golden egg otherwise referred to as the common citizen,taxpayer to small businesses. To ensure that trade is fair not a recipe to more fried chicken servers as new jobs are developed much more around computer servers. The latter would generally seem to be more on getting America back on track.

In simple solutions the answer is Donald Trump though not full lock and loaded with all his ideas about minorities that miss the historical cry of welcoming the meek and downtrodden.

The stables in Washington are full of mythical levels of manure. It will take someone of Herculean strength and determination to clean that up. None of the other candidates can do so be they Republican or Democrats though Bernie Sanders might make a good college try. That is just before he chases out investment with socialism.

America can be great, if what Eisenhower and Kennedy were alluding to as great hidden challenges are finally arrested. It will take great courage but the people are now ready for a new cleaner and healthier chapter in the journey of the great American experiment.

It is time for real American democracy to be revived. It is time for the rest of the world to be a beneficiary to such a revival which by its nature will give space for the self-determination of other people not their being trampled to the siren of destructive US special interests.

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