Top 20 Classic Cities: How does it compare to your list?

What is a classic city? It is one that has a great amount of stellar preservation of not only historical buildings but also  traditional culture. The sights are well rehabilitated, aesthetic often and may be UNESCO heritage sites.

Celebration of traditional music, dance, costumes, great heroes, events and even literature in museums or living festivals helps to make the human dimension come alive  to the associated historical buildings and locations.

As the wrecking crews of some developers have done serious damage be it  to cities like Toronto,  even one could argue in neighbourhoods of Beijing and well beyond,  preserving and celebrating  heritage has become more important.

Why? Because as the connections between the past and telling us who we are disappear, so does an important part of our local to global soul. And the lack of remaining historical buildings rhymes with the sadness and depreciation of species and increased awareness of maintaining the limited that is left of our past great journey of our own species.

As I have extensively travelled, to say the least, my direct impressions  here may stimulate your own visits or even feedback on what classic cities are dear to you.

1. Paris



4. Seville

5. London


7. Moscow


9. Prague


11. Penang, Malaysia

12. Amsterdam

13. Cairo and the Nile

14. Jerusalem


16. Athens and Greece

17. Barcelona

18.Bogota and Cartagena Colombia

19.Montreal, and Quebec City Canada

20.St.Petersburg and environs, Russia

I have no doubt missed some great ones such as in southern Turkey, Syria, possibly the Philippines and in Southern Africa and Korea like Kyongju

Most unappreciated countries with great historical gems include Colombia, Malaysia, Iran, probably Cuba and various other Latin American or even  smaller size North American cities. And don’t forget Florida, Boston , Newport, Charleston and San Francisco and Chicago or Russian cities  like Sochi where the winter Kympucs took place and where you find close by high snow peaks of the gorgeous Cauvus mountains..

See what list you come up with and why. And share it on my or your Facebook.

Good travels be they actual visits or ones through multimedia. They will likely expand your mind and sense of wonderment about what our ancestors accomplished with so much less technology than many places have today.

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