20 Best Countries in the World For Quality of Life with Low Real Risks

Recently, a best country ranking list came out. Much to my surprise Denmark came out number one.

Firstly. Let me state this. The list I have prepared includes both livability and risk. Risk, of course, needs attention and includes both short and long term.

Because of the situation between Europe and Russia, but more importantly Europe’s mishandling of the refugee issue and it’s fairly close proximity to the combustible Middle East, Europe cannot be considered the lowest risk continent or region, therefore.

Though Switzerland because of its topography, wealth, central location, high environmental quality and social support would qualify as the best of Europe. And do not forget, Maria, shopping.

So folks, all those countries in Europe and more exposed to nuclear risk from missiles to reactor meltdown, also do not score well.

The conclusion is that the well off southern hemisphere scores both for highest quality of life and lowest risks.

While New Zealand has possibly the best quality of life its seismic risks that smashed Christchurch have to be considered. After all, it is on the ring of fire of serious volcanic activity.

However, such major city smashing earthquakes are infrequent and it is likely not going to attract nuclear missiles and has no nuclear reactors. It’s economy Is practically anti-free trade proof and highly self-sufficient in agriculture.

There are weather considerations such as Canadian weather, quite harsh excluding Vancouver. Vietnam is a with it place for property, as well as food and gorgeous coastlines and fast improving education system with lots of international schools. Thailand what can I say, the most gorgeous country for beaches and hospitality services. It also has excellent healthy food. These two countries are fairly inexpensive.

So my list is as follows keeping the above in mind. If you do not want to reside so long in some of these places, they may be worth a second home or holiday resort time share, for example. Study the residence requirements, tax and other financial implications and potential for capital gains.

2.New Zealand
3.Tahiti (French “colony”)
11 Barbados
14.Cayman Islands
20.Russia (Moscow, St.Petersburg in five years)
21. Canada

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