Should There Be Open Canadian Borders to Illegal US Refugees and Immigrants Trump Wants Out

I am listening to an Australian main TV newscaster from ABC on my cable TV practically celebrating Canada’s open borders to refugees compared to the US’s. But I am also reading such articles about most Canadians wanting illegal migrants and refugees deported of those coming over the US border. What gives then? illegal-border-crossers-canada_n_15496388.html The newscaster made her generous statement … Read More

McCain, McCarthyite and “Nutter” Over His Remarks about Senator Paul?

Senator John McCain has directly accused veteran Senator Rand Paul as being an operative for Vladimir Putin. This is a disgrace and supports my views that McCain is well past his political shelf life. It leads to questions about his political sanity, as well if not beyond such as whether he is certainly fit to be Chairman of the Senate … Read More

Western Government Bureaucratic Deep States Becoming Evermore Contemptious of the Regular People

When Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump’s followers, deplorables, she was just reflecting the Deep State’s bureucratic leadership’s contempt of many regular American people especially the ones not educated at liberal colleges (particularly, elite ones). Hillary Clinton and many in her inner circle of zero sensitivity to Joe the plumbers and well beyond in the blue collar column, were basically ascribing … Read More

Deep State too Maniacal: Trump needs to back off doing deal with Russia for now

Donald Trump,as an owner manager, and past Chief Executive Officer is used to largely getting his way at least within the institution he led, Trump Inc. If he did not know before, he does now that the US government is a huge leviathan with many points of deep dark loci of breeding disruption, fake news leaks, complex legislative maneuvering, blockage … Read More

Trump May Win the “War on (Fake) Journalism”: Excluding main ones from White House neither desired nor needed for him to win

Donald Trump has finally had it. A variety of the media has been consistently trying to destroy him. Either their facts are distorted and excessively one way negative or they are fake news among some of these organizations. In my opinion as a former freelance journalist writing for two high circulation newspapers, I have never seen such an unprecedented effort … Read More

Suicide Bankers of the West

“The mysterious death of David Rossi, the head of communications for Italy’s oldest bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, was initially ruled a suicide.” New York Post, 2016 Just after updating my “Suicide Bankers” article about a murder/suicide of a Dutch banker and his family, someone then knocks off an offshore banker CEO in Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is a place which … Read More

Nobel Prize Winner Follows My Idea of a Northern and Southern Euro

After more than one year since I published my article on the idea of s bicameral Europe with a northern euro (neuro) and southern euro (seuro),, Joseph Stieglitz,Nobel,prize winner has written similarly in the Financial Times in support of this dual euro. I congratulate him and the Times for catching up. This reinforces what a number of my … Read More