Will Putin Swallow “Red Riding Hood ” Sweden in one Gulp?

There is fake news but there is also non-news. I give you the Washington Post’s very recent February non-news article on Sweden’s supposed angst that its world is collapsing and into the jaws of the Russian wolf, mostly because of so-called mad Trump’s abandonment of Europe (Bear is too nice an analogy, well for drawing a ridiculous fable story of … Read More

Senator McCain’s “Poison” For Putin. Too toxic, an anti-Russia ideology

Senator John McCain in Donald Trump’s eyes for over a year has been considered a troubled loser. Not only did McCain get captured (truly forgivable, less so to Trump) but Trump squashed his proxy of Senator Graham in the Republican primary race. More importantly, McCain lost the presidential race when he ran, while Trump won it by a sizeable margin … Read More

Bank Shares Undervalued, Luxury Goods and Silicon Valley Ones Overvalued?

As a kind of bank activist, practically pulling my hair watching banks do so much damage to their valuations by such “fraudulent” practices on mortgage lending to interest rate and precious metal price fixing, it would be normal to say to avoid these “mafia” like institutions. In fact, the breadth of the size of mis-selling was so huge of different … Read More

Fake Gold is an Increasing Problem: How to avoid it

I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories that say most of the gold held by the US Federal Reserve is fake or non-existent. Yet as this article and others indicate, more fake gold is finding it way not only into individual retailer hands but private bullion banks it would seem. http://www.whiteoutpress.com/articles/2015/q1/germany-tests-us-stored-gold-says-no-tungsten/ This may put into question whether gold … Read More

Western Elites Need to Take Responsibility for European Muslim Bashing

Of course, there has always been a sizeable percentage of Europeans with extreme nationalistic views and outright racist values. One survey in 1997 by the EU indicated a third were. However, likely much less were of the hard type, I am presuming. http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/ archives /ebs/ebs_113_en.pdf It is not hard to make an extension that these percentages would have also likely … Read More

Arc of Crisis Marshall Plan Needed: Gulf Nations should pay with UN coordination

The Middle East and North Africa, as well as some parts further east are overall, a security and development mess pumping out poverty, economic marginalization, refugees, hostility and terrorism in too many parts. This region was referred to by Zbigniew Brezinski, the former Executive Director of the Harvard Center for International Affairs where I worked, as the “Arc of Crisis”. … Read More