Trumps’ Policies Beginning To Be Favoured by Canadian Mainstream Electorate

I am actually mystified with these poll findings from this website If true, then Canada may not be so hopeless in getting overly absorbed with political correctness and opening itself to more terrorism hits at home. That Canadians want more intelligent security and a focus on bettering the country and dealing with serious issues at home like more jobs … Read More

Wacky Liberals on the Start of the Road to Provoking Trump to Declare Martial Law?

It is clear that there has been developing a clear and present danger of major elements of what I call the wacky left (Madonna and other Hollywood hysterical anti-Trump elements and well beyond) trying to delegitimize the US president to point of near sedition. They are also trying to create conditions of civic disruptions at airports that undermine the basic … Read More

US sanctions against Russia should stop immediately: Will happen by year end

President Trump will soon be having a telephone call with Vladimir Putin. In that call Trump in principle should say that he is strongly for getting rid of sanctions. They are counterproductive and this year the French government will be likely removing support for them. Many Eastern European countries are against them and Austria and Finland are lukewarm at best … Read More

Mexican President Too Weak to Negotiate with Trump? Here is a more imaginative game plan for Mexico City

The Mexican president is too weakened by scandals and low popularity to negotiate with Donald Trump is one growing view. A strong leader could have met Trump and got offsetting benefits and have disagreed with Trump’s interpretation that Mexico would be paying for the wall. Instead, he will try to resurrect his presidency with possible bellicose, chest thumping nationalism at … Read More

Current Crop of Candidates for Tory Leadership Coming a Cropper Except Possibly One

The Canadian Tory Party will not win the next election with the current candidates simply speaking with the possible exception of one. They are not politically competent or in tune enough, and/or are too right wing to get enough votes and importantly, most are not bilingual and sufficiently bicultural enough. In addition the Trudeau PR bilingual machine is likely to … Read More