Blue Collars are the Real “Blue Bloods” and are not Deplorables

  • If I remember correctly, US President Ronald Reagan initmated that blue collar workers were heroic. Some of his immediate advisers tried to tell him that “glorifying” such workers was not aspirational enough.

My view is to celebrate these people who without them we would be almost literally swimming in you know what without proper plumbing and still waiting for fresh fruit and vegetables to be delivered.

As I have probably mentioned ad nauseum, I “grew up” with a certain number over privileged people at school,  most of whom would not know how to use a wrench and certainly would not be able to fix the most minor problems with their toilet.

Somewhere I went wrong and was the only graduate to go into a “blue collar” college programme, forestry, at the time. I am being ironic for those who could not pick it up.

There in the woods,  I learned how to pipe fit, fight fires and tend forests with a whole lot of equipment from Swedish saws to chainsaws. It made me appreciative of the complexity of doing vocational and blue collar work  especially my stint in the union in a paper mill on graveyard shift.

Then there was my great uncle, a Scottish Canadian sheep farmer we use to visit reasonably often, I thought  he was great personality even if a little bit cantankerous. He was  brilliant with his hands even if he was “kicked out” of university. Who cares on the latter point.

Yet many of the  elites with whom I am familiar generally  espouse liberalism but do not sufficiently promote their sons and daughters (or anybody of ambition) doing vocational and blue collar work if they wish. Instead, they tend to direct their kids away from blue collar industries like the agricultural and resource industries. They prefer banking and other so-called clean industries.

Thus, it is refreshing to see billionaires like Trump engaging emotionally with such workers and at least doing some standing up for them by trying to protect their jobs..Trump is not hypocritical to try and say he is a one of the working and vocational groups but at least  he is really interested in such groups.

Chuck Todd in what is a revolutionary moment for NBC liberal news elites had finally someone on TV to talk about the greatness of blue collar work. It is bloody time the main networks are doing so. Hannity, one of their most popular TV news shows host  was a blue collar worker for many years and Trump’s campaigner manager was an agricultural worker in the field.

I believe President Putin as the son of a postal clerk and being a person who came up from the bottom of the police hierarchy is easily comfortable with a wide range of workers. Trump in  real  estate development has been especially aware of construction workers and tradesmen as well, which his father helped him learn to respect.

The siloed western elites especially  many of whom are spoiled baby boomers who never got their hands dirty and with a minority educated in the physical and engineering practical sciences need to recognize they are out to lunch with much of the working populace.

Their schemes to layer more paper pushers upon bureaucratic paper chasers in government entitlement programmes rather than create real jobs for this blue collar  group is heart breaking. Too many of these elites are  just overly schooled in  increasingly debunked social science theories good for academics. They are being fully exposed as  being behind making western economies less than optimal.

As per my article on education, we need people in power that put emphasis on building real things than unproductive debt. The liberal elites propped up by the siloed off, generally useless grossly inherited, need to make space for the pragmatic,  common sense, down to earth disrupters. They need to,promote the applied sciences more actively.

I praise the blue collar and vocationally educated without reservation. To the truck drivers to plumbers to the garbage collectors to  the welders, I salute you.

But for the taxi drivers who can never find where I am supposed to go (well in Malaysia, anyway) ,I am sorry. I think too many of you guys got problems and do need more schooling. Let’s celebrate these groups but also recognize many would benefit from having more opportunities also to upgrade their skills and knowledge in a variety of regions and countries. Let’s  support that direction, as well.

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