Canadian visitors to Mexican Illegals. Getting Bernie elected and Trump defeated

I just walked into a Bernie Sanders office in the United States. Actually to find where I could do my laundry because the washing machine in the apartment of a friend I am visiting sucks. But the people of this small community are first rate in friendliness and service.

As a joke, I asked whether I could volunteer -even though I am a Canadian- in getting Bernie to become the presidential candidate for the United States. The rep there said by all means, yes.

As a Canadian who is not allowed to vote because I have been out of the country too many years, I finally felt politically empowered. I can shape the outcome albeit in my small little way of the presidency of the most powerful country on Earth. I politically count again!

Now by this invitation, I would expect that all adult foreign visitors or residents can get mobilized. And with all the fake IDs that Mexican and other illegals have they could possibly help get the primary vote out to assist a candidate to get to the delegate threshold of victory. That is if enough foreigners are being mobilized within and across the borders.

The big question is whether the Al Saud family, governing monarchy of Saudi Arabia, the richest families,in the world with its huge resources and fleet of planes would send over tens of thousands of visitors to help out to stop the Trump juggernaught.

Ah, maybe not on second thought given the hysteria about keeping Muslims out of the US that they would not want to fan. But it is theoretically possible for them to mobilize the tens of thousands of students they send over currently studying on various campuses.

But enough of that particular nonsense though as I taught an Al Saud and members of the top religious family. And furthermore know they are for the most part dedicated overall in maintaining good relations within the US even Donald Trump in the end.

I don’t know how it works for the Republican Party but I am presuming it is the same as far as being open to foreign volunteers. But I have a warning to my favorite candidate well unless Kassich can pull off the impossible.(He’s an Anglican like me and I like Anglicans)

Donald, watch out the foreigners amidst could get another candidate positioned to win the Republican presidential primary. And without those fleets of Arab Gulf monarchy planes being sent. And maybe watch out Hillary, too.

That is especially for you Donald unless you tell us foreigners that you really love us all. We could come out in tens of millions to give even Kassich the victory with our invasionary ground game as some like me power over the border for picking up some cheap shoes that fit -at the same time.

Yes, this is insane if the nicely dressed young man who greeted me at Sanders office is right in his enthusiasm that people like me could help Bernie. Then again I might go for Teddy or or certainmy a John or a Donald and help get one of them to the presidential finals. It is kind of ridiculous.

But I got to say that I was kind of disappointed with Bernie. He only had one donut left in his office I visited. Why,by the way, does it always seem with his campaign that it the same last donut from the week before?

Maybe that’s Bernie socialism, just leave that last donut we have behind for someone else because that’s all what we only got, folks. I didn’t eat it because as a Canadian I appreciated his message. Oh yes and we are very polite.

This is America, land of the free still. Beyond the donut analogy of big government gets you less but a nice socialist slogan, I welcome my empowerment and thank you America for giving back my political power. One that was taken away from me years ago north of the border.

Now that is creepy authoritarianism when as a citizen in good standing they don’t let you vote but the neighboring country lets you politically participate.

Ottawa, another big government project deserves a donut but of another kind, possibly a Sanders one, too. But at least it is not a Detroit donut of the worst failed socialistic municipal government in the western world. Possibly with everyone with a cent having fled to the suburbs to avoid bad overgovernment and taxes.

That would be the Bernie donut you would really want to avoid that would make for more Detroits as wealth fled.Oh yes and foreign US election volunteers looking for economic sanctuary.

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