Carefully Choosing A Resort Property: Otherwise you could be risking your security

I have just been staying in one of the top resorts in the Rocky Mountains. It is impressive for its high peak views, cleanliness, reasonable degree of leisure options and certainly its ski trails. It has the very best hotels, one of which I enjoyed. So far so good.

However, in conversation with a well placed local the view was expressed that there was a lot of serious money directly from or connected to criminal cartels in the property market. And that these owners made good use of the resort during the ski peak season.

The question then one has to ask, if you are a resort property hunter, do you wish to live in a resort town with a significant component of such people. For most this is definitely not a preference.

Thus, I think those who wish to have added security might wish to think outside the box of buying directly into the most famous resorts, especially those which are internationally famous enough.

It is these top brand resort types that one might argue tend to attract this kind of money. Also those places best known and concentrated with wealth will likely be more of a focus in the West by terrorists and even burglars. London (The City) is a substantial example of this.

See some of my previous blogs about London lacking safety relatively speaking to many top western international cities even in comparison to Moscow, at least when I lived there.

While such fallout risks from living beside or near cartel members or areas experiencing terrorism may be lower than the risks of car accidents, one may wish to think more modestly.

Instead of living in such high profile communities, buy away from such resorts where sites are excellent, prices may be lower but a trip to these resorts (or major cities) might take less than an hour if you wish to enjoy full resort or major amenities. And buy properties or build them that do not overly stand out and attract attention.

Be it the Taj hotel in Mumbai to the Twin Towers in New York to the City of London or related areas that are prominent where the wealthy snd establishment are perceived to be concentrated, they represent an added risk.

The countervailing to this is for example, if you live in highly identified places of the rich like Monaco, you live in a luxury splendor of a place with the most densely concentrated police force per capita. And it probably is one of the most monitored places in the world. That may give you the feel of safety. But should it.

For those who wish to maintain or support improving a reduced profile they need to take these issues more seriously. After all, the rise of populism, the swarming amounts of criminal of questionable money and the rising ideological extremism especially in Europe should make one take more care as to where one exactly lives inclusive of secondary resort properties.

Enjoy the resorts and other high profile places but you may wish to live in communities which are probably seen as being more modest and attract less “dirty money” people. And by all means, do your research to find out who are your prospective neighbors or near neighbors. Many do not and suffer in additional variety ways like peace of mind.

Thus, for that resort I visited, buying into high price tag of six million dollar a condo and getting certain higher targeted neighbors seems like a comparatively substandard approach. In fact, one might argue it is a rip off.

Instead, possibly find a small village nearby, full of local regular people who know who their neighbors are and work hard to keep their towns safe and friendly. And oh yes, you will have better property prices and room to grow and expand. Then when or if the hot money of the cartels (or even nouveau riche) comes in, you will know it is time to sell in more ways than one!

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