Panama Papers Release Part of New Anti-Putin Aggression to Get Clinton Elected and Trump Defeated

I am writing a book how a rogue Kremlin sponsored group uses cybercrime in part to take over North America. But the operation to steal all the confidential files on offshore banking from a Panamanian law firm has the mark not only of a thriller plot but of the CIA, so says a former top Swiss banker. And reality certainly can be born out of fiction fit for a thriller if not hatched from one.

The journalist group to which the secret offshore banking files were released is funded by US Aid. You might as well, call that organization the “happy” face of funding of NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) that the CIA generally likes.

This journalist group is also sponsored by the George Soros Foundation of the same man who tried to do in the Labour government in England through massive betting against the British pound. That is right, another effort coincidentally of likability to the CIA while Soros plundered billions from the UK people.

Don’t get me wrong that UK government of the day was screwed in the head with bad economic policies but was democratically elected. A fact that never prevented some in the US government from overly manipulating governments including my native land Canada. More like walked over.

I could easily see the White House under Obama signing on this Panama Papers operation in trying to expose where Putin’s money is or at least that of his friends.

I am fairly sure where Putin’s money is from studying the man’s behaviour and learning a lot from living in Russia for just about years.

Therefore, I am not surprised this potential CIA Central American sting operation did not find Putin’s money there. And as the Swiss Bsnker said, interesting that the Panamanian papers had not one American wealth in them including major fund donors to the Obama and Clinton campaigns or PACS.

It is interesting that not long after the release of these papers to embarrass Putin through Putin’s friends that there have been reports by the US of close Russian fighter fly passes of US destroyers in the Baltic Seas.

A previous blog by me indicates that the libersl interventionists and neo-cons will see it as highly advantageous to provoke at least a major incident against Russia during this election year.

Then blame it on Putin either with or without more offshore secret banking papers releases to embarrass Russia. Stay tuned as I believe the Russia card is about to be replayed up especially with Ash Carter’s reaffirmation of Russia as America’s number one strategic enemy.

It will be Obama’s final gift to the Clinton campaign in the election campaign to embarrass The Donald for acting too favorable to Putin. A Putin who will be re-built up as a huge threat to national security. All making Trump look like he is naive in foreign policy and a sympathetic anti-democrat because of respect for the Russian president.

Trump should just say something like this, “Make my day Carter, do you feel lucky punk, ” if the administration tries to play the Russian card against him. Trump has taken on many punks and Carter would be small potatoes in the end or neo-con chicken Hawks like Cristol.

How sick can they be so much of the Washington establishment to risk blowing up the world to get Hillary elected and Trump defeated? There is no end to some of their complete geopolitical madness to hold onto power and to overly dominate.

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