Draining the Central American and Mexican Swamps with No Extra US Taxpayer Money so as to Seriously Lower Illegal Immigration.

I have been reviewing some statistics from the Bergen Project on Latin America, mostly on Mexico and Central America. http://borgenproject.org/3-major-reasons-central-america-poorest-region-latin-america/ and http://borgenproject.org/poverty-in-mexico-2/

Half the people in Mexico are poor and the poverty in Central America is staggering.  If you were a regular member of those brutalized economies, you would likely want to head north including going to America or seriously thinking about it.  So, no surprise of course that there have been massive flows of Mexicans and Central Americans, northwards.

There are thus two ways to stop, or at least mitigate, the flows of illegal economic refugees from these areas to the US. One is to build a wall costing multiple billions of dollars and step up expenses by the billions in security personnel on the border and expulsing ever growing accumulated numbers of illegals.

This may be necessary on the short term but it does not solve the entire problem but displaces it to a degree back onto the Mexican and Central American governments at the national to local community levels. Unfortunately, so many are so corrupt and ineffective in husbanding or managing existing resources to help the poor, even as limited as they might be in government hands especially in certain countries and regions.

So the shutting down of the US release valve of taking in so many illegals by building a wall and expulsing illegals could lead to more involvement by such desperate poor individuals into drug and other terrible criminal activity.

This is especially so as there remains huge numbers of Americans and other westerners representing major markets of horrible addictive drugs. The US drug consumer is the co-conspirator with Central American and Mexican drug cartels and their viscous criminal activities and no wall will eliminate that completely.

So let us face it that is why those US communities particularly ones full of drugs need to be the focus of the new incoming HUD Secretary, Dr.Ben Carson to complement the building of the Wall and possible accelerated side effects. No wall magic wand can do that alone,

Secondly, without much better governance in Mexico and Central America, including promoting decent labour conditions and social support systems, more of the poor could join insurgent groups and in the worst case be attractive to militant extreme Islamists. Desperate people unfortunately can take up horrible political and religious identities when forced againsta wall.

To counter the impact of the wall, it becomes even more important that Mexico and Central America provide economic environments and a promotion of cultural values that do not suppress their native population but celebrate them more. This means those governments must on one hand promote entrepreneurial values to create wealth, but also in symbiosis with local communities be they through coops partnership building or with serious western NGOs. These organizations to be expanded South must have serious records of results. (Such as Habitat for Humanity over the Clinton Foundations, etc.)

if Mexico and Central America cannot make serious reforms for the grass roots as mentioned and on a reasonable fast pace, it could eventually become a region of more failed Venezuela experiments, internal political divisions and maintained widespread poverty and criminal butchery. The US will not be able to fully escape its consequences by simply building a wall.

That wall by itself will not make good trade partners for the United States nor add to global stability. The US must go beyond building a wall along the Mexican border, if it wants truly hemispheric and neighbourly stability and the comnesurate prosperity good for all of North America.

In concert with successful NGOs raising funds from individual Americans including the US Hispanic community, and the creation of huge micro lending funds from Wall Street, Americans must help move the region to the next essential stage of just development.

The US government top up funding for these more  widely spread grass rooted initiatives can come from existing  money the US has been giving UN organizations such as the UNDP, IMF and World Bank and other multilateral agencies not producing enough sustainable results and efficiencies.

Some of these nasty multilateral bureaucracies that swallow up massive millions of US taxpayer money need to be reviewed and might best have their US contributions more directly steered to Church groups and other NGOs of proven records of accomplishment in the region.

After all the Trump administration is looking for results. While it is right not to interfere with regimes in Mexico and Central America, the US should not support corruption and waste in letting its aid money go the wrong way.

If the hundreds of billions lent to or given to Mexico and Central American governments and big businesses had not been subject to so much corruption, the question would be how many illegals would be flowing across the borders of the region. I contend they would be much less and the whole Wall controversy would be generally moot.

To quote from a young, well educated Latin American with connections to serious businesses. Latin America is not poor but is rich in resources and potential. It’s a lot about corruption. We should not feed the corrupt and corruption and think the Wall will solve it.

A new development strategy for the region is needed with a Trumpian perspective of pragmatism and real achievent for both the average people and real growth oriented businesses not crony capitalists. Without a balanced strategy with the wall as one component, Mexico and Central America could become more problematic, not necessarily less so.

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