Ending Corporate Slavery: Overwork is not productive

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Many corporate executives wear their total hours of work they do as a badge of honour. Discussions can often relate to about 72 hours of work a week being the norm for the best paid. Such an overall approach can be argued is retrogressive from a bottom line to holistic perspective

My view is in the era of mass technology and the need for more educated than ever employees to be empowered, I can think of nothing worse that this workaholic mentality. It can often be bad for mental, physical and and social health.

In fact, I will argue that a more team approach, inherently of CEOs salaries not being so humungous over their subordinates can be positive. This includes a flattening of the salary pyramid, which can also reduce envy and serve this purpose of making the exec having better time management.

Excessive pay at the top puts excess pressure for the leaders to be all consumed with work and act superior and distinct in their time dedicated to total amount of work accomplished.

Dedicating less time on the job in part due to a more team approach including a less top down remunerative structure could have the following impact. The CEO will have more time with his family, and more time specifically to work on his marriage or other partnerships    ( if not single, of course) as well as giving subordinates a greater feeling of having and wanting their value added.

That can be a stress reducer as those with healthy family lives are shown to be socially more constructive in relations with colleagues though not always. Further empowered junior executives, particularly the competent ones  will gain a greater sense of worth and be more motivated to contribute and stay.

Executives would also have more time to interact with non-traditional or non-main stakeholders  -regular people- through volunteerism and charity functions that may not be of great immediate strategic value to the company’s mission priorities.

But participation within such groups such as environmentalists to PTAs (parent teachers associations) can help to build a more holistic society and self. Making executives more accessible to such groups will bring about more solidarity between the top and bottom which is so obviously lacking given the upsurge in populism. See my Bilderberg related interview on YouTube that partly dovetails with this.

Regarding technology, I was intrigued how one lawyer I know (a cousin) could just put in key words in a computer at a huge multinational he worked for and out came a useful template contract. That was decades ago.

We have exponentially expanding levels of technology soon to be followed with serious artificial intelligence including driverless cars. Instead of just upping executive work with more technology interfaces, the technology should be used to reduce the executive’s time at the office and overall work. It can be the same for subordinates.

I was with an executive type recently, oil sector who looked burned out on the travel and tread mill circuit. I explained I could not deal with twelve hour work days. And I did not see such all consuming dedication to so much work as inherently efficient. He looked sad.

Corporate slavery is never impressive but in the age of incredible technology there is less reason to drive executives to cancer and heart attacks. The executives and their boards will have to regulate on this issue.

Interestingly the two top Wall Street bankers got cancer and two of the previous MacDonald’s head died, one due to a heart attack and another due to cancer.That is sad but of course sickness and disease can be multi-rooted.

A final word. If you are spending too much time at the office to generate acceptable output or just for posturing, what might that say about you, your corporate and/or even national culture or the viability of your company or sector. We are not talking about short term emergencies or a one off week of lots of work.

Profitability should be reasonable but not necessarily overly dependent on huge amounts of overtime. That should at least be one measure of corporate success.And interestingly that seems to be more of a healthy trend as corporate higher ups refuse to have their quality vacation time overly interfered by the office.

Efficiency, not hard work  by volume should be primary. The CEO who does little work and produces great result is my hero, especially if he or she is able to share positively that wealth of more free time and extra profitability where possible.

From the land of f’it, beaches and relaxation, I should give my writing a rest but then I like to work. But it is my hobby and by too much! Easier said than done to broaden ones focus to doing many other things one should do to make for a more balanced self and society.

You should not allow yourself to be a new age slave in our modern globalized era of more open boundaries and available information and technology to facilitate positive holistic and profitable change. Yes you can if you wish to get off the silky treadmill of unproductive and unhealthy overwork that could kill you in the end and add little to you making the lives better  of those you care for or should.

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