Trump Government Declared by Brussels as a Threat: EU keeps acting as a threat to Itself

I have never really been for the disappearance of the EU but rather for its serious reform. And the emphasis is on the word “serious”.

I have agreed that it is overly bureaucratic and provides excess subsidies. It is also overly interfering in national jurisdictions at times and that it is largely run by unelected, often faceless bureaucrats more behooven to special interests that make major decisions that can be incompatible to various legitimate national interests. Hence, why the British did Brexit. They are fed up with it. But they are far from being the only nation.

Now added to this is the absurdity of the president of the EU, possibly further showing how disconnected to the people he is. He has declared the new US government as officially being a “threat” to Europe. Yes, it sounds like a bad B movie of the invasion of the mind snatchers.

What in the friggin world does the EU thinks it is to call a THREAT, a country that pays 75 percent of the NATO bill to defend it. If they want to know what a threat is to these officials and their pan-European halilulu vision, it is the growing uproar among the common people in many EU member nations against the waste and pampering of EU technocrats and the burgeoning movement to stem EU powers or even to leave.

Instead, the major “threat” is within, rather and its called the people’s determination to get democracy back from the Gauleiters in Brussels who have bastardized the EU into an unmanageable leviathan. That is commonsensical.

You think with Brexit, Tusk would show some humility towards views that are critical of the EU. The United Kingdom, the banking centre of Europe, possibly the world decided to leave. The second largest economy in Europe is out. Possibly, Europe’s most powerful military or at least one of them is out.

This is the problem. The EU including its top people have really screwed up. They now want to focus the attention on Donald Trump, hoping they can reinvent the usefulness of the EU as a force against Trump’s so called anti-democratic and racially and religiously insensitive policies.

That attempt at being scurrilous against Trump and nativists to distract will be a mistake for Tusk and company. They need to get on with huge EU reform, instead and even to save the furniture.

There are powerful growing forces at the national level that are extremely fed up with these EU bureaucrats in a way that makes Trump’s views on religion, government and elites look very tame. There is a majority or close to it in all EU countries that have legitimate concerns with immigration vetting and fiscal issues related to housing and integrating millions of refugees. Then there is the whole issue of banking and the euro.

There are significant numbers of Europeans who worry about the cultural integration potential of immigrants coming from countries with views that support aspects of killing people converting to other religions or involved in fairly wide scale female mutilation. They need to be listened to even if sometimes their concerns with overall Islam and refugees can be over the top.

The list goes on including many EU countries experiencing problems of economically integrating existing citizens, including the current generation of immigrants mostly from developing countries particularly Africa and the Middle East containing some religious extremism and terrorism hot spots.

Just look at Belgium where communities of immigrants complain there are not enough jobs for them as manufacturing jobs flee abroad. Thank you EU for that too as a result of your overly big liberal-minded free trade economics. I am being ironic on the last point.

There is one view that some of these communities are too siloed off by religious or ethnic background (by themselves). That they are disproportionately and relative to most other communities, boilers for extremism and discontent.

The terrorist attack on the EU capital, Brussels by extremists coming from such a community and refugees should really get into the thick heads of people like Tusk that in fact, many Europeans are actually supportive of many of Trump’s border control and immigration ideas.

That does not mean most like Trump fully as a personality. He definitely goes too far with his rhetoric at times. This blog site has said so and strongly on more than one occasion.

But by Tusk saying that Trump is a threat, it is tantamount to a “declaration of war” on a massive amount of European people not so much the United States government. Trump can take it, as he actually has a thicker skin than many detractors assign to him. Other US president’s might have been highly reactive to such hostile EU language. So, way a go, Mr.EU president, how self destructive can you and your EU body be -truly amazing.

The above in my view shows that the EU has lost the plot and by saying the US government is a threat may be one of the final nails in the Brussels coffin before it is dropped into the political disintegration grave. The EU by such a statement, its waste and overreach and lack of protecting jobs and borders may be in its early stages of death throes.

That will be a pity because the EU could be turned into a model of free trade and intelligent flows of investment and true voluntary common and mutual agreements in security, environment and beyond. It could be an association not determined mostly by Berlin with its pay check and sometimes bullying power. That includes on banking, fiscal policy if not the euro.

Instead, the EU is looking like an incestuous dinosaur that will go down screaming of its great relevance every time a country leaves or threatens to leave. Tusk has shown he is a political midget riding this “beast”, including those who support too much of his narrow, anti-Trump and anti-populist views.

If the EU can only mouth ridiculous ideas that Trump is a threat and continues its current policy direction, it will collapse, possibly in months ahead rather than years. Believe me.

The US is a threat to Europe is a statement of madness. Brussels, truly may be done if it cannot fundamentally change it ways and modernize, including decentralization, debureaucratization, scaling down and putting more focus on trade and commerce and saner policies towards Russia and displaced workers. I hope it does rather than ranting against President Trump and nativists which is generally its unproductive new vocation.

P.S. More mad statements by Tusk about the end of western civilization if there is Brexit. He sounds like the worst crazy prepper. So far England is still there and its economy doing better. My case rests that these liberal, globalist elites are in their own silos.

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