Fifth Column Fully Exposed and Out of Control? Fire CIA Chief?

Months ago, I wrote about a fifth column being likely involved in the overthrow of the previous Ukrainian president. Views on this from certain quarters among neo-con US circles is that such a perspective is too conspiratorial. That a spontaneous popular movement sprang up in Kiev, instead.

However, we had fifth columnist Ukrainian coordinator? Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State, admit they spent billions in Ukraine through NGOs and other organizations to remove a pro-Russian government in power. Clearly demonstrating a fifth-column hand being applied there. The only question is the degree to which Congress and the White House had their fingerprints on that one. I doubt the majority of the former and who knows exactly about the latter.

Now we have proof that these fifth columnists are breaching security of even the US congressional private data banks and removing information demonstrating how this government within the government operates independently and with insufficient proper oversight.

Related to this, John Brennan, Director of the CIA was saying that the CIA did not remove the information from these congressionally “secure” computers, nor did it torture those “captured” or who received rendition by the CIA. Renditions which various governments including Italy have accused these fifth columnists as illegally organizing on their soil.

In both instances, the Director of the CIA has proven to be a liar to the American people on fundamentally important issues. And there is no action so far by the president to even chastise these negative elements of the CIA and deal with this fifth column.

Is the president of the United States too afraid of theses columnists who are apparently operating outside the law so flagrantly? But then his executive orders may not be within the law either.

That is the sorry situation when a president becomes lawless then it just juices the fifth columnists to operate illegally too, both domestically and internationally. Throw governments out of power they do not like. Assainate a leader? Blow airliners out of the sky? As a country becomes more lawless at the top, the cowboys will further come out of the wood-work and stoke global anarchy and dangerous authoritarian blowback. And do they laugh in the face of both the American people and people of the world?

They may be still laughing at being able to hoodwink so many Americans to support going into Iraq under the pretense of there being weapons of mass destruction. Then we have Senator Graham telling people that he thinks there might have been a US nuke on the loose. Was a fifth column prevented from arranging the taking of a US nuke at the last minute?

Some go as far as saying this dark group was involved in letting 9/11 happen or actively engaged in it. All to allow the government as a reaction to it to become more authoritarian to better support a discrete group and their goals of a global manifestation of American power wrapped up in a kind of fascistic conservatism.

They have also wanted to secretly seize US political power and manipulate and shape the world order to their ends especially while there was no equivalent rival after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The current sanctions are just their near tail end effort to fully put Russia in its place.

If anything, the world should join together to deal with any of these columnists that some say especially germinated around the time of the assassination of John F.Kennedy. Whether it is well organized or just alliances of individuals essentially pushing a proto-fascistic agenda with primarily US resource backing is not the main question.

The main question is whether western democracy is really under threat. And that the “G7 dwarfs” as some largely call the leaders of those countries, either do not know what is happening in the dark ranks of their security and police agencies or are too scared of them. Or worse- both. And which of them are essentially complicit? This is coincidentally beginning to sound like what I wrote about in my book, ZUrabia.

But, “we the people” is what democracy should be. Not “we” the fifth column are going to take things into “our” own hands. All because of their increasing contempt for the current crop of most leaders and the social and economic fracturing and decadence of western society?

Weak leadership, indeed does provide fertile conditions for the springing up of alternative and potentially dangerous groups and movements. So the question is whether G7 leaders are really in enough control of their intelligence and security agencies and military forces.

Brennan’s lying on fundamental issues such as his agency’s clear overstep into Senate powers and the CIA’s involvement in torture needs immediate resolution. That resolution requires a purge fully of those dark elements who have been reeking havoc not only on the world but it appears on US democracy.

Mr. President: do you have the strength and courage to do so. If not, then step down and find someone to do so before the light of American democracy is snuffed out possibly along with what is left of world stability. Provided, of course that you Mr. Obama are not the fifth column against democracy.

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