Fleeing To Even Australia and New Zealand Not All of Rosy Solution to Protecting Against Brutal World

Be sure that when it comes to ranking countries for peace and stability, current and/or potential growth and quality of life, these two countries are among the few I give an A to. Australia and New Zealand, however you cut it rank in my book better than North America and almost all of Europe.

These countries are looking so desirable and far away from the areas with high potential for war breakout and/or internal instability be it from Europe to the US to East Asia, that southern countries like these two are looking good.

But survivalist oriented types have forgotten or unaware that Australia is considered an extremely strong military ally of the US and pro-military nation. It is likely the US and its major allies including Canada that will be a major target in the breakout of a world war.

As can be seen by the Iraq and Vietnam war in which Australia participated but not even France, Germany or Canada did, Australia does not seem to avoid any US led wars. There is a joke that Australia does not know a major war it has not joined.

For this reason Australia will likely be target including in a thermal nuclear strategic or even possibly tactical nuclear weapon applied regional to world war. Opponents of the US know the southern ports are strategically important as escape places and refuelling for US ships with nuclear weapons.

As New Zealand is not far away, it could suffer radioactive fall out. It too as a US military ally will be of target by opposing forces to the US in any global war but to a lesser degree than Australia.

In this light, all the rich building their own airport runaway runways there seem overdone. Besides even a somewhat limited nuclear war would cause a nuclear winter affecting New Zealand and likely massive damage to these countries’ electric and telecommunications grid..

What also these millionaire to billionaire survivalist fail to understand is that New Zealand is built on the volcanic ring of fire in the Pacific. Have they not noticed that a good chuck of one of New Zealand’s major cities, Christ Church was destroyed by an earthquake?

These survivalists or near types looking to head out of US because of Trump or not enough of Trump would better ensure their survival by making their own communities safer as a starting point.By assisting in improving local schools to orphanages to youth centers.

Actually, some of the locales in these hot destinations for survivalist immigrants are getting a little noxious about it. Real estate prices are getting jacked up and condemania is swallowing up land and in some case the social infrastructure is under considerable strains because of high flows of refugees and certain new immigrants.

In Switzerland there is strong pushback through referenda against many more foreigners being given residency. Americans are totally unwanted at Swiss banks there for the most part.

The push for nativism will increasingly discourage jobs being given to foreigners likely in these two countries, as well. Bottom line make your own community great again or better.

There is too much fleeing and not enough rootedness. I guess that is globalism for you in its extreme manifestation and survivalists and many but not all economic refugees should take note.

Make your home better where possible and the developed and Gulf state Arab countries need to act as economic and technical facilitator where possible to such a good adage for global survival. I have no intention of moving to Australia. It’s too damn expensive besides! The green pasture does not always seem so green after arrival.No place is paradise except the one possibly after you do good at the end of it.

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