Global “Illuminati” Position ex-Wall Street Banker to Control White House

Former head of CIA and mouthpiece of much of establishment on security endorses Kasich. Major development

Yes, yes,I would prefer the more seemingly and fiscally competent John Kasich as president over Hillary Clinton. But that is not a great choice.

For several years leading up the to the global crash in 2008, John Kasich held the powerful executive level position of managing director of the Wall Street behemoth Lehman Brothers.

According to a major banker in a top French bank, I consulted, many Europeans consider the irresponsible financial behaviour of Lehman with its toxic investments to have spread contagion to their sector.

Kasich by association has some explanations to make why he stayed with Lehman in the obvious deterioration and poison it was building up to unleash on the world. He was in the belly of the beast as an investment banket, occupying s very senior position.How much did he really know before the bank of Babel fell overand crushed millions?

In short Lehman’s collapse sent seismic waves of destruction through the US and global economy, the impact of which we are still feeling. And Wall Street is more powerful than ever before. This naturally makes political observers skeptical about Kasich taming Wall Street excesses especially as an insider, himself.

There is a view that the “Illuminati” powers – or let us be less conspiratorial, key members of the regular global establishment are scared stiff of Trump coming to power as they were of where President Kennedy was headed. They do not want to be compromised as they were beginning to be with Kennedy. They want to be proactive in preventing disrupters from heading the most powerful nation.

Forces are therefore underway to put one of their reasonably trusted “members” in power. If you do not want a freakish show from the establishment to eliminate Trump from politics, one view is that Kasich is at least a more competent and moderate Christian member of that group. I would tend to go that way.

Trump looks like he could turn over the apple cart to an unprecedented degree. I wish him luck but he is now positioned against titanic forces that control the private to central banks and media. Resisting that to winning a primary is one thing but resisting its destructive forces on him on any possible final road to the White House is another thing.

It thus may be realistic to hope for Trump but expect the constellation of forces will put their more controllable boy in power be it Kasich, Paul Ryan or even Hillary Clinton with some nose holding regarding the latter’s potential ascendency.

The question can Trump be a Teddy Roosevelt and survive the J.P.Morgsns and “Illuminati” of our time. He will have to improve his act and extend a few hands to these powers that be without getting swallowed by them. Even Teddy did that.

Trump would therefore be wise to have Kasich close beside him in managing the financial nuts and bolts of the economy, Washington and Congress related without giving in on all matters pro-Kasich. There is a saying keep your friends close but your “Illuminati” masters closer if you wish to become or stay president?

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