Golden Bear Release: Enjoy it and don’t worry if you can’t fatten my Moscow bank account. It has enough

Note: The idea I have lots of money in Moscow bank accounts was said for satirical purposes given the level of ridiculous hysteria against anyone who said anything positive about Putin.As well events have occurred positively not making it necessary or desirable to put my book up on the Internet and making a direct sell.Thank you for your understanding.


Within weeks I will be releasing the first edition chapter by chapter of my new book Golden Bear that shows how Russia in the not too distant future could take over North America. Well, as a novel it is much beyond that.It is focused on North American Arctic and far north resources and a psychopathic transgender, ex-KGB , ex-Canadian military person intimate with Toronto bankers and Kremlin insiders. And that is just a bit of it.

I will put up my Moscow bank account located at a French subsidiary Ross Bank through which donations can be made.
As soon as sufficient funds are received, I will release the next chapter on this site.

The first Chapter is going up and preceeds this. You already have the optional, somewhat monontonous but informative grounder on Russian culture and politics in the form of the prologue. Look for it and you will find it.

The second edition based on the material released on this site will be refashioned by top bestseller and publisher for hardcover in the somewhat distant future. The first edition will be a raw version that reflects my writing 100 percent – for better or worse. I am what I am and am committed to the development of a new genre called the edu-thriller for better or worse.

I will still stick to giving a percentage to my schools and colleges I have attended or worked at Lower Canada College of Montreal bursaries for needy and underprivileged students, University of British Columbia, Bentley institution for the environment at the UBC research forest, Harvard University, McGill University and likely to the University of Southern Queensland in relation to applied linguistics.

I encourage those who have a passion to write to do so and of course learn many ways to improve their writing. But if you enjoy it for its own sake whether it is a creative outlet or therapeutic or for a family autobiography etc and does not sell so be it.

In this age where publishers almost demand a personality type promoter or celebrity type author behind your book with white white white clean teeth and not a nostril hair in sight and it is not you, so be it.

There is more in the world than impressing the media who I largely have a contempt for given so much drivel they sprew out. When I look back and see what they published from me or about me, I even have to scratch my head and wonder about their standards.

So in terms of readers, the few, the many, the none who read Golden Bear, so be it. The only complaint i would have that without its success there will be less money going to those charities. But at least most of them can afford the tens of thousands of dollars I would not be able to send their way with my book(s) becoming bestsellers.

Meanwhile, I will enjoy doing more more reading after this book comes to a conclusion. I have been doing too much writing and editing in the latter part of its generation. But still it overall has been fun.

And most importantly, for the thousands of writers out there keep writing if you like to irrespective of the anti-creative and status quo forces out there who wish to fence you in and recycle you to mediocrity and kill your distinct messages. Just enjoy the process more than its possible commercializations, good, bad or ugly. The money is the bonus not the mission. And the fame is a lead weight that beware of can drown your distinctive you.

A la prochaine.

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