Hillary and the Politically Correct: 2016 will be their worst year

I have supported female political leaders for decades, heck in New York I even pushed the issue to the main media about getting more women in top executive positions in banks. The video evidence is rudely there.

I pushed African development issues, wrote for an African community paper, organized African ambassador conferences on development and pushed for youth empowerment.

But I think the message the feminists and certain visible minority promoters are promoting now can get out of hand. That is one reason there is a large response to the Trump message, which in itself is overboard.

We have even reports that in primary schools in the West that there is more and more limited materials showing men as heroes or as accomplished people. More TV commercials make men look like duds. Even stupid comments are made by Carly Fionna that women are the only ones to get things really done. What were
Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, chicken liver?

As I have argued here, we need balance but the anger of much of modern day US feminism especially among the post materialists can get excessive. I remember listening to Betty Freidan (sp?) at Harvard talking about her marriage and being hit by her husband – indeed domestic violence is unacceptable. She said though she had forgotten to include after her husband had reviewed her book manuscript how she had hit him too. Feminism can be highly selective at times.

And the same can go for certain unbalanced promotion of minorities who of course absolutely deserve equal rights. I also remember a friend who criticized someone in Toronto because he just did not like the person’s view on a topic that had nothing to do with that person’s sexuality. He was then unfairly characterized as being anti-homosexual.

Putin has even talked about preferential treatment being given to people just because they are part of a minority as something Russian people find unattractive within the generally overly liberal West – at least by implication. Equality should be the center driving point not unfair preference.

Political correctness is now such an approach in much western media to classrooms to corporations it is almost getting trite and banal. And women’s and minority issues should be taken seriously not simply drawn on every time someone is unhappy. I believe 2016 given Trump’s trajectory and rising right wing populism in Europe will thus not be a good year for political correctness given the growing frustrations with it.

But let the focus be on individual rights and reasonable responsibilities to act civil and as good community members. Those who manipulate political correctness for unsavory reasons or who stamp on minority rights do the community poorly.

Balance is required and thus I cannot see Hillary Clinton given her politicalmy correct tone and quickness to overly cry sexism doing that well and not being heavily tarnished even if she wins the presidency. She may be stuck with a more rabidly anti-politically correct Congress who could make them fight tooth and nail against such a tone.

She indeed is too politically correct and tainted. But yes, she remains odds on to win because the politically correct are large in number and essentially want a women president despite her considerable flaws.

I think Senator Elizabeth Warren would have been a more ethical and competent choice for at least 2020. But the politically correct cannot wait? They are in a manic rush with their agenda? End of story.

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