Obama’s view on Trump is overall, un-American and prejudicial.It is obnoxiously self-righteous and patronizing to the majority of Americans who now support Trump over Hillary. Just check the polls.

And many of the pro-Trump are hard working Americans even if not high brow, so-calked sophisticated, Ivy leaguers like Obama and the Clintons who think they know what’s best for all of the folks.

America is supposed to be be for all the people and by the people not solely for a post- modernist hellish, dark vision of the dictatorship of liberalism which many Dems have been promoting.. There is need for inclusiveness in the full sense which is in the constitution or implied by it Mr.Obama former constitutional professor.

And sad to see taxpayers money was used for getting Obama over to Philadelphia to bail out Hillary on national security that Obama is having himself so much trouble with these days.

Bu yes on occasion Trump needs to tone down his rhetoric and better explain himself. It is clear though that he is a visionary on what are the problems and for this he is called dystopian by the Democrats? All as national debt explodes as well as terrorism and police killings? And that is just the beginning of the problems.

One has to conclude both on national security and the economy, Obama and friends including Hillary are in La La land. What a pity as they try to besmirch Trump with their prejudicial and desperate talk to stop a Trump victory.

Now instead those Dems like Obama could have been from a dystopian novel “1984” where bad was translated to good in so many ridiculous slogans. Welcome to 1984 America to be if voters are not careful. Welcome to the Hillary for president campaign.Now that is truly dystopian and scary.