Hillary is Just Not Presidential Quality: Politico interview underscores

Asian, Latin American and European political leaders are demagogic.

Rudy Guilliani is like a pseudo-fascistic Austrian leader.

I’m not really a politician.

Who was saying these? Donald Trump exercising more prejudicial statements and trying to corner the market as an outsider?

Nope it was Hillary Trump, I mean Hillary Clinton.

I do not know about you but why does Hillary, spouse of policy bright Bill sound not only dull but simplistic and uninformed – and bigoted towards many world leaders?

Why against the detailed rhetoric, vision and passion of Bernie Sanders or certainly Donald Trump (less profound and detailed than Bernie, though) she sounds so visionless and pro-status quo? So pro-big lobby money.

She is now worried about young people being turned off to her according to the recent Politico interview. Young people tend to be more idealistic. That would naturally include getting a woman president or being more supportive of Obama as a Black president. But polls show that even young women do not have that great an affinity for her. Young people know a phoney.

In short she seems too untrustworthy and too much a traditional politician so careful not to rub the big money the wrong way or any serious constituency the wrong way. Her trustworthiness is too low to mobilize young people the way JFK did. And even Nixon picked up the majority silent youth with his first winning campaign.

Hillary Clinton had her sixth of seventh losses in the Wisconsin primary – and by a whopping difference- does not inspire. Sanders and Trump inspire, make emotional connections and make people believe that they will make real change.

No one believes Hillary with her huge funding from Wall Street is going to jail even the worst banker or make hedge fund managers pay decent income taxes. She is simply too bought off.she knows it and we all know it.

Hillary Clinton may win but it is going to be at the expense of building a very necessary better America for the true underclasses who need realistic solutions and an establishment disrupter in the White House.

The current time of mass frustration of the people is not her time because she is the problem as a long term politician not a crusading outsider. Not eight more years of hope smashed against the rocks of inept more status quo vision are needed.

Anybody but Hillary should be the end drive whoever gets elected as Republican among these seriously positioned. And the VP should be a strong woman to ensure that the mad feminists do not think they can so easily promote the Republican Party as some dinosaur party to women that Trump unfortunately has been restirring.

Donald the political cat, you only have nine lives with your Tweets and loose canon and you are fast using them up. If you can act more as a statesman to go along your strong policies and strong leadership, overall then you can be president.

If you can’t then time to go (back) to Hollywood or simply declare yourself a mad political jester. However you do, do not undermine the effort to keep Hillary out.

I hope Trump wins but he has got to show more sensitivity and policy gravitas as I have said all along. Let us hope for the Donald but be content with a Kasich or even Ryan if Donald’s tent folds as he kicks out the poles from underneath.

End of story but hopefully not end of the great old party of Republicans still needing a transformation away from rusty establishmentarian manipulations and dominance. Hillary is not a solution but the same old politics even if looking new and if she were to become the first woman official leader of the White House.

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