Honesty: Even when it hurts can be the best kindness

Hillary Clinton recently stated what the world needs is more love and kindness. While one cannot disagree with that view at times, it also needs more honesty including self-honesty from individuals and nations.

And notice that was not in any of her clearly expressed views about making a better world. And without coincidence the majority of Americans do not trust her. The question is whether there can be real kindness without enough honesty over time in relationships. I would say unlikely.

Vladimir Putin on the other hand is directly honest with what he sees as wrong with America and so is Donald Trump. That shows more kindness in a way to try to evoke change to avoid going over a precipice for those getting the advice.

Partly for that reason some who do not like honest messages call those who provide them as being unkind and even nasty. I am wondering if the sacking of the Chelsea football manager who no doubt gave some blunt language to some overpaid pre-madonnas players, as well as the honest views expressed by the Manchester United team manager to the media about them lying qualify as kindness. Maybe not but it was probably needed even if it means in the end their end with those teams.

However, I think s true leader needs to be brutally honest at times when those, he/or she is responsible for or work with consistently undermine the ability to achieve worthwhile and even critical goals. And when those he or she are experiencing deceit and even back stabbing from they should arrest those tendencies as an act of kindness.

Because, if they do not an odious environment of low integrity will be the eventual result. Not surprisingly the world lacks so much integrity and too many who want the superficial kindness can turn society into narcissistic mush. And we are seeing the result borrowing on famed actor Harrison Ford’s similar comments though more directed at youth.

Then there is the hypocrisy of those who tell such leaders to be kind snd nice and are not themselves at least sufficiently. Hillary Clinton was ecstatic when she heard of the vicious death of Gaddafi, the former head of Libya. She is known behind the scenes as being a very nasty manager at times.

I also think within certain feminist circles there is a view that women leaders are largely more caring and nicer. I bring to your attention Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi and the woman iron chancellor, Angela Merkel known to be be brutal to her internal party enemies.

It was fascinating to read an opinion piece about Jean-Claude Killey one of France’s most illustrious and accomplished athletes saying that President Putin has a big heart. I think a big heart means telling one what they need to know in a timely fashion even if one knows they will suffer from saying so.

Killey slso talks of Putin “chastising” Killey for not wanting to ski anymore simply because Killey now has such a bad view of himself as a skier. I imagine Trump is the same with the people around them telling direct snd uncomfortable truths though yes he sometimes is too much of a street fighter like Putin against those who overly attack him.

There is nothing wrong with being kind and certainly polite. But when those words come from someone like Hillary Clinton who thinks she can use her feminism to hide her hypocrisy, I say no to it and her manipulating ways of using the word sexism.

That is not kindness She is worse. She is brute killer and unnecessarily so of countless innocent people and should look at herself in the mirror when she accuses others of being unloving bullies. That is an extended problem with other liberal interventionists. Liberal interventionists kill for kindness and damn you when you critically point its often ineffectiveness and barbarity.

We should be careful as who we label kind and caring especially in politics or at work. They are not always the first people to do a job the best, support us when down and isolated or to donut ethically. Beware of the wolf in sheep clothing even when it looks cuddly and liberally so.

That of course does not mean those who are outwardly kind are always deceptive or insincere or unproductive. It just to remind us that those who may not seem so kind at first in their hard-headed critical thinking ways can in effect be kinder in the end by making us recognize problems no one had the guts to identify to us or an organization. Trump reminds me of being that helpful type at times.

It is a good lesson to remember to stay in the path of helpful honesty and integrity to ensure the kindness that really ensures true national and personal success. And one that makes one have more willingness and ability to positively give.

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