Italian Referendum: Another Nail in the Coffin of Western Liberal Elites and So Much of Their Intolerance Against Populism and Nativism?

A civilization’s strength is defined by the quality of its leadership, culture, institutions and  importantly, its trends. Leadership often starts the ball rolling in terms of maintaining  and changing cultural values and shaping and reforming institutions.

When the leadership is effective, the rest comes more easily.When it is not popular, revolts, be they at the ballot box or beyond can come. And the results of the Italian referendum  is another clear sign we are in the revolt stage, albeit early on.

It hurts me to say that our trend  line in the West has been poor, our economies and demographics  are largely in stagnation or decline, our culture is way too entitlement and politically correct oriented and filled with safe space, wimps to borrow from Clint Eastwood. Our elites are just plain too out of it. Our leadership has facilitated this with few exceptions. (See my article on the disastrous baby boomer imprint on the leadership)

The recent Italian referendum  outcome really shows how ridiculous leadership in the West has become overall with some exceptions like Donald Trump.

For Italian Prime Minister Renzi went down to a staggering defeat  by placing his fortunes in pushing for reforms that would give  him and the top elites much more power but with no guarantees of the reforms Italy needed. They thought the electorate would swallow it.

I cannot say Renzi is the worst leader of a G7 country but by essentially making the referendum not only one on so-calked reform but on himself during such anti-establishment times, he demonstrated very poor judgement.

We got the same from David Cameron, also a former prime minister but  of  the UK,  who stepped down (like Renzi just did)  because he failed to negotiate a decent deal of reform and  with Brussels and hence lost the vote on Brexit. After Brussels giving him such crumbs, he still thought he could turn his own referendum into to a win against Brexit forces.

How pathetic  can too many western leaders be including with President Hollande of France  getting  4 percent popularity? And of course the “caviar” Democrat Hillary badly lost touch decades ago with most struggling workers and the poor in America, presuming she ever truly felt their pain. I will presume she did in her more, free of Washington, younger  days.

With the exception of the less important Austrian presidential vote, the elites in recent months are losing badly electorally.  They may still get some of their players in cabinet but their globalist liberal agenda has taken a serious beating. The only question is what is next.

You do not want to know, possibly. For I believe  the  serious elites with their trillions will not take this standing still and may even use agitation against incoming popular or populist oriented politicians. George Soros comes to mind who funded various street level protests.

But a word to the wise by way of history. While those who revolted in 1905  in St. Petersburg  were clearly squashed in the run up to the Russian Revolution in 1917, their harsh put down built up a tremendous hatred for the aristocracy.

That was unleashed with such a fury years later, it will never be forgotten in the annals of history. Could we see something like that emerging in  parts of Europe and even North America? Icertainly hope that can be avoided, if our overall leadership can get its act together, which I very much doubt.

It would be  therefore advisable that such major wealthy  families and the big banks, for example  get more active in larger scale philanthropy and community work and democratization.. (See my article on the bankers’ fund for social development.)

If they keep (trying to)  overly using the FBI and CIA against legitimate opposition and other government  levers, the people will demand leadership that will be even much more critical than those of Donald Trump or Nigel Farage.

Brexit, Trump  and now the sorry result for the majority of western elites regarding the Italian referendum results and the collapse of liberalism in France are harbingers.

I just hope the elites’ reaction is not more viscous (as I predict it will be) but that they  will get  down to doing a real autopsy on the results of their many failed policies in recent decades.

If they cannot change, historty tells us they eventually can get brutally swept away figuratively or even otherwise. In this case they had better believe by all indications, serious revolts are on their way even if not necessarily imminent.

So sad. as such divisions often are divisive and unproductive to more workable approaches that are responsive to those from both below to the top in forming just and functional consensuses and popular results. (See my YouTube video taken by the Bilderberg site.)

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