Jeb Bush Can Still Win: Here is why but…

The Bush family and their networks for the most part are not in full gear. I would presume the Bushes with deep Episcopalian values irrespective of the church they individually go to think that Jeb needs to make a better go of it first by himself. I know that still does not sound consistent with all that money they raised at the beginning of the Republican Party presidential primaries campaign.

However those would be consistent to the values applied to him in his formative years at the preppy Philips Andover school where individual responsibility is tbe order of the day. It is another value “temple” where the many male Bush members went.They may feel the ball should be more in his court at this stage to start winning it – at least for now.

The Bushes when they enter a major race are there at least eventually to win it. Jeb did not win on his first effort to become Florida governor but did well and subsequently became a two term governor. That was no easy feat for what Trump calls a guy as ” dumb as a rock”. Therefore do not count him out from that any many other points.

Let us also remember the amount of information access directly and directly papy Bush and George junior have. The first as Director of the CIA and subsequently as president and Jeb’s brother as teo term president. Does anyone really believe that than kind of political and ex-government firepower when open fired will not significantly dull Donald Trump Or sideline him?

I do not think the Bush family given its resources and tremendous pride in the end will let Jeb ride to his political Waterloo. The problem may be that Jeb believes the same thing while at the same time not having enough fire in his belly.

Maybe if Trump really insults him enough and continuously he will get focused or papy will take him out to the wood shack in Kenbebunkport to breath some fire into him.

Then there is the political establishment of the Republican Party. If the see a chance that there is enough of an ABT (Anybody but Trump) coalition then they could push the remaining candidates to coalesce around Bush if he pulls his finger out of his -ear?

This race is not over by far. But I think Trump is ready to “blow-up” the party and even go independent if the establishment feels necessary to ABT him. That is a trump card he holds.

The Bushes and Clintons though are close enough together to just about guarantee that Trump will not be permitted to become president one could argue. But the unpredictable Trump may have more tricks up his sleeve that so far have helped him defy political gravity.

Come on Jeb Bush even Donald wants you to do better and you can and I predict you will. If not then just get out Jeb and stop being so embarrassing. But exiting and doing poorly was not how you were brought up was it? I do understand indeed and commiserate. Enough said.

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