Will Trump Eat Trudeau and Canada Alive? Ottawa in serious trouble if Trump becomes president.

Open letter to the Toronto establishment:
-Get worried, Trump is coming.

I have watched on and on your contemptuous take on Donald Trump. For many many months, I have been writing constructively and overall positively about his candidacy. That is not to say that I endorsed every view or policy by this candidate but at least I took his overall philosophical framework to be serious in reflecting many Americans’ views and from a policy perspective.

You did not take at all this candidate to be serious. And even still do not with his victory in Indiana that assures he will be on the Republican Party ticket to become president. This is what I call another instance of Canadian establishment, political schizophrenics towards America. It may very well hurt this time, big time.

Rather, you have taken a largely superior, politically correct approach to denouncing Trump as being between a racist and a policy simpleton. And you consider that he is only doing well because you look at too many American voters as being dumb.

You particularly feel that Trump supporters are “extremists” which by definition is an insult to the intelligence of many among them who are successful members of that society. Instead, your portrayals have been decidedly ignorant about what is going on in a country you preach is too ignorant of Canada. Touché?

Your Canadian establishment superiority attitude towards America, morally and otherwise and steeped in supporting an excessively deferential approach of voters to the status quo is oriented to what I call the “dictatorship of the centre”. It is a liberal/progressive philosophy but under a fairly large control of the higher ups.

I call it the willing or unknowingly dogged adhesion to a royal, anti-revolutionary, Loyalist leaning elements in excess. It is centered in what I call central Canada with the strongest attachment to liberal self-inflation to a point of almost cult-like adoration. Such an adhesion will likely hurt in the face of the Trump tsunami underway which is the antithesis to this “dictatorship of the center”.

Stray from the centre in Canada and you will be considered offensive by this dictatorial majority run by the elites at the top of the vertical mosaic. To politically offend in Canada is really not polite. To say sorry when being run into is divine. We will need more than that to deal with for example, the coming onslaught against NAFTA.

Because it is my view that our new federal government leader along with the grossly indebted dictatorship of the centre including the Ontario provincial government with most Toronto media support will not get much sympathy from a potential Trump administration.

That may not be nice or sunny to say but it is better to look reality in the face than throwing up epithets of let’s be nice and all will become well. Sometimes that is true but not in the full world of Trump.

The current federal government, highly cozying up to the Obama administration and the PM’s overly flattering support of Obama has painted a big red ideological target on the Canadian flag. That is with regard to the Trump flock’s perspective of Canada, one that will be further developed. In fact, the Canadian Prime Minister was nick-named “the Anti-Trump” during his state dinner visit to the Obama White House.

It might then be a good idea for the Canadian Tories in such a vacuum and quickly, to better develop relations with the Trump group. If so, then Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition could provide helpful leverage with any potential Trump administration to help spare Canada from being humiliated at worst on big common issues between the two countries to even acting as a mediator to find common ground.

For the Canadian prime minister even in his sunny incarnation will find it difficult to stand up to Trump. It is more likely that he will be overwhelmed at times as most adversaries are. Especially since the US is holding a better deck when it comes to influencing trade deals.

Because, I doubt without the help of key Canadian Tories connected to Trump and goodwill independents, whether the current federal government could find smooth sailing in dealing with the Trump administration.

This is especially so on the NAFTA trade deal Mr.Trump just about despises, as well as two current ones in which both Canada and the US are participating. One is with Europe and another is with Pacific trade nations excluding China.

Good luck Mr. Justin Trudeau and all of Canada he leads in dealing with Donald Trump as a possible US president. As Lorne Michael of Saturday Night Live indicated in his Time Magazine piece on Trudeau, Justin may very well need luck. And this is especially so in how he deals with the growing potential fall-out from the the fast spreading Trump phenomenon.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Dash

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