Macron, Rothschild “Child” Politician? Need much stronger leader as President of France

It is so sad that the French establishment cannot come up with anyone more interesting and dynamic then Mr.Macron. While Mr. Fillon was the more experienced candidate with depth, his Thatcheristic play against crony capitalism and unpardonable sin of saying he would play with Russia, not isolate it has led to his trashing by the powers that be. In my view Fillon was the better of the whole lot, but still too establishment in his reflexes.

Macron is really a lightweight but has been obsequious in the “right” power circles. He has also benefitted from opportunism of ditching Hollande who brought him into cabinet. He is the great opportunistic, disloyalist when he saw the Hollande Socialist Party sinking beyond recovery while having gotten enough cabinet experience for his politician resume. He is the grand careerist.

He is also the last man at the head of the polls standing at least for now who has escaped major scandals. These scandals have afflicted top conservatives in the past be it Jacques Chirac, Nicholas Sarkozy, Alain Juppe now Francois Fillon. Their Party is too full of them

The right really needs a true outsider clean of scandal and who has built a major corporation and a sizeable one that is especially outside of crony capitalism. They need a kind of French Trump and a true new face, not a fake fresh face, but one who really knows how to grow an economy and jobs than shuffle bank money in a shrinking job sector and going in and out of cabinets when it suits him.

Sadly, I believe too many of the French are stuck on the governmental teat culture and driving the government train towards off the track to more excess borrowing through banks like Rothschild where Macron was career born.

The crony capitalist and their bankers will with Macron squeeze out what few government drops remain could be one view if Macron is elected. Then watch the IMF come in proxy form with possibly Ms Lagarde, current IMF chief and another banker. She would be next in line for replacing Macron despite her own scandal, too.

I do not believe in conspiracy theories that the Rotschilds run a lot of France and England, the latter of which was a Bank of England governor and was purported to say the banks ran the country not the head of state. Nor do I believe necessarily that they influenced the killing of Gadaffi to destroy that leader’s effort to develop a reserve African currency, independent of the euro or British pound.

Neither do I believe they are out to get Russian President Putin because of his own independence to getting off western reserve currencies and not following the liberalism order. What these bankers want in the end is the status quo with some shaving around the edges of fiscal discipline at probably the cost of weak regions, workers and the poor.

However, if France under Macron essentially returns to the old system as I generally predict of keeping a bloated centralized crony capitalism, French state and just making the banks happy and people stuck in that mindset or orbiting it, it will be the best boost for Ms Le Pen, no matter.

And that will happen never mind how many hyperventilated scandals he and his friends will dump at her door which will just rocket her popularity. The next best thing they could do to bring her to Joan of Arc status is to jail her. They might if they did not fear the wrath of the people. But let’s see.

As my Bilderberg interview indicated, I am not sure the extent of how stupid our western global elites, overall are now (especially, after 2007 Wall Street meltdown). They should likely make old style modest underpaid, careful bankers vomit, many of whom are mostly dead and buried. That is given what the current generation of bankers have overseen such as true economic rot.

These rotten bankers are the mostly investment and casino, economic hitmen who have let everything sink to despair due to their gross immorality and greed. They are the worst generation of bankers though certainly not all but Macron smells like he is one of the crony capitalists types looking to emesh government, too much with finance, even more so. He is their boy not the man Trump is trying to be to at least partly free the government of crony capitalists and excess goobalist liberalism.

If Macron is an “immoral” modern banker and gets in, the pushback may make Trump’s opposition look like a pic-nic. They will be emboldenied with further conspiracies against them because of his winning.

I would not want to be a Rothschild in France after Macron’s victory would be my guess in terms of the popular “hatred” that will be generated further against this trillion dollars of wealth owning state within a state some say. I suppose they are used to such drivel about all that money controlling so much of the political establishment.

And more unfortunately, I doubt there will be any major increases in job growth with or without the help of Germany through the EU as a reward to France for not putting Le Pen in power. Many conservatives in Germany are fed up though with all the handouts they have given through EU organizations to non-Germans and failed or semi-failed states. This feelings could get worst without a full French economic recovery requiring more EU interventionism.

The bankers in France would be better to find a candidate who can generate widespread prosperity internally, top to bottom to better save everyone’s hide. This is after all France the home to a revolutionary mentality, particularly from below when things really cock-up. That seems to be where they are increasingly headed but worse, parts of the middle class might joinin.Given these risks a lightweight is not needed at the helm. No more Hollandes, please or there will be a disaster.

Yet Macron could very well be another disastrous French president but this time unleashing really horrible forces given how fed up huge portions of the country are. There is a reason that Hollande’s ratings hit 10 percent. The economy is damn awful not just Hollande. He just kept up failed policies that Macron was in charge of as his economy minister.

I would almost rather have “manic depressive” likes Sarkozy in as president who at least has been reaching out to workers and is clearly understanding of immigration and EU expansion issues. But he is probably a spent force not simply due to scandals but losing the last election for good reason.

I am searching around for a replacement to Fillon. There is little. Only Le Pen can shake things up as Trump is trying. But the patient may not survive her surgery, nor Europe. But if the right to centre cannot find a substitute to Fillon and if he cannot resurrect his campaign which seems the case, France could be doomed, politically.

In other words, the status quo is coming with a prettier and fresher face and that is all with a bunch of bankers cheering him on behind the scenes but probably with some nervousness. Quell horreur.

Let us hope it does not bring about a destructive revolution for France itself or the full demise of the EU. My bet looking at the present state of the collective wisdom of the (political) global liberal elites is not positive.

They are largely a shameful, unimaginative disconnected, overinherited group siloed off from us. That goes doubly for France, it would seem given their candidate Macron’s almost inevitable ascendency after the elites’s “Duc de Guise” style “murder” of Fillon.

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