Mass Media and Mass PR Failing to Elect Establishment Politicians: Information war revolution

A recent article in the New York Times shows that the anti-Trump money through political action committees and other sources outspent the Trump campaign by about 150 percent in the Republican Florida primaries.

The end result was Trump literally squashed his opponents including Florida senator Marco Rubio who really only won the Miami area. Trump said they don’t like Rubio in Florida. His blatant gusto got him called an egotist. But he was essentially right. Most newspapers in Florida, interestingly also endorsed anti-Trump candidates – and lost.

Further north in Canada we have the giant Postmedia conglomerate owning the vast majority of “major” circulation newspapers. They put full spreads in their front page in glorious headlines and vast content to tell voters to vote for Conservative Party, Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada. They did it in quite a few papers. Result, the Liberal opposition party of Justin Trudeau got a large majority.

Postmedia did the same in the Canadian province of Alberta to keep the pro-tar sands Conservatives in power. They were aggressive in stating their preference. Result, a huge majority government for the neo-socialists, NDP. Postmedia’s massive, massive print force collectively collapsed on the electoral battlefield. Post media, indeed might be a good name as it appears post its political relevancy, overall.

Subsequently, a Globe and Mail business article of recent days underlines that Wall Street does not want to own Postmedia anymore. Specifically, the New York Green Tree hedge fund wants out and even at a considerable loss to their investment. All despite main stock indexes having largely gone up against the point at which this hedge fund bought Postmedia it would seem. And incidentally, so far it has proven a hard sell to unload.

The further and evident conclusion is certainly that print has lost its political force but I would extend it to the general media which Gloria Borger CNN top analyst describes as being hated by the public.Da.

And from Wall Street to Bay Street they are beginning to understand that their advertising dollars directed to these media, secondarily to pump up the right political messages are not working. They are indeed wasting too much of their money, a further sign that the establishment is so out of it that they are bad investors in terms of the “people’s” messengers.

Now you know why Donald Trump limits greatly his purchase of political advertising in main circulation. He knows the bigger story, even the positive media he gets for free is not of such worth.

Rather the media is so despised that all the hate and anti-Trump floods of PR against him by journalists is helpful not only free. That is partly because his fans and himself are fully stated, anti-media. “Insults” related to despised enemies can emotionally mobilize the base. Trump knows.

More negativity by the mainstream newspapers to TV, and the more hyper the better gives him more credibility to his base and many independents given how low in credibility main media is. The media is the reverse Midas touch on everyone it approves in the Reoublican Party especially with Trump’s expanding base, it would seem too often.

A conclusion is that the establishment which largely owns media be it current news to PR are having their messages through their various outlets rejected or reacted to in ways far from what they intended. In fact it is because much of the public believes the media is not on their side at least on political and most corporate affairs that they especially do not trust it.

One can conclude though in the Trump environment in America that at least the media is bringing in more short term advertising dollars “preying” on much of the establishment’s desperation or foolishness to try to outspend Trump to make him destroyed. It is sad to see such wasted money which would be better sent to orphanages and other charities.

The critical hinge moment may be when the media salivated in supporting ex-president George Bush’s manipulations to get the public to support highly expensive wars in Iraq in lives and dollars. Repeated media support of former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s directed destabilization of Libya that has allowed ISIS to get started there demonstrates further why the media is considered a “hooker” of the establishment by more and more.

If the main messenger stinks according to the public then likely too much of the head stinks. Because of the rise of social media, alternative media and more discerning electorate – called angry by the ever defensive, anti-Trump establishment-I believe an information war revolution is underway.

This is shown by Mit Romney thinking he can make a barn-burning full denouncement of Trump before the last Super Tuesday primaries and before main media and then getting no impact on the Trump primary vote – except to increase the votes for Trump.

The US establishment particularly since the Occupy Wall Street movement and now the Trump movement are worried that a major shift is on. When most begin not to shoot the messenger but do not even let him in, they should worry.

By their reckless behaviour in Wall Street to Libya to Iraq and their carnage of human and fiscal wastage they are not going to be given even a modicum of trust by most Americans.

Yet, they are still stunned that the majority will not let them play charade and badly lead. That is why whoever gets into the presidency this time will have no choice but to take the establishment on. Because if they don’t the results might be frightening.p -even riotous.

Let us hope that sanity will prevail instead including The Donald toning down his messages and the establishment doing much more soul searching about their horrendous and often unethical leadership. This includes their gross insensitivity to the honorable working men and women who they have so stripped down economically and politically and hurting do badly. It is not do much singer that is fueling the ?Trump campaign but the wider feeling among msny ?US families that they are on the lrecipice.

Can you get that Mit in whatever freakish well pressed expensive suits and ties you wear, whatever pedigree private tony schools you went kilometers away from devastated inner Detroit to flint or Harvard Budiness schools

You can’t have it all through crony capitalism, massive corporate downsizing because of bad agreements coupled with mass denouncement of Trump for the low percentage times he is too off politically correct base. End of story and probably much of the current mainstream Republican establishment within the party and possibly in the next congressional elections, as well?

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