McCain, McCarthyite and “Nutter” Over His Remarks about Senator Paul?

Senator John McCain has directly accused veteran Senator Rand Paul as being an operative for Vladimir Putin. This is a disgrace and supports my views that McCain is well past his political shelf life. It leads to questions about his political sanity, as well if not beyond such as whether he is certainly fit to be Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

This malicious uncalled response by McCain resulted from Paul’s holding back unanimous approval for the Senate’s passing of a treaty on the Republic of Montenegro’s application for NATO membership.

McCain had already been leading a charge to have the president investigated to see if he and his election team were influenced by the Russian government. The view being that Putin helped Trump get elected. Despite largely hearsay and flimsy evidence of such, it has got McCain to be an enthusiastic supporter of a congressional investigation of these scurrilous charges.

McCain has also been leading the War Party in Washington by viscously attacking President Putin and constantly with a demonstrative narrative indicating zero interest in any kind of entente and building security cooperation with Russia even on fighting ISIS. Clearly his tone and words are indicative of such and diplomatically creating a movement more to war with a country with huge numbers of nuclear weapons. Now, that is insane.

He now even admonishes the President’s hefty military budget increase as being woefully inadequate. All together by his views on supporting dumping lethal offensive US weapons in Ukraine with the above, I am really beginning to wonder about his mental state.

To repeat again as I have written in a previous article, McCain should give “the attack Russia” and related a rest. The US has overall several times the military capacity of Russia and much, much more of a larger and dynamic economy though a much more indebted one, too. It does not need Montenegro as a NATO member to protect the alliance. And as Paul indicated, US overreach is costly to America which is on its steady way to bankruptcy.

Rather given a recent letter by several US Republican members of Congress sent to Secretary of State, Tillerson showing how the US government with the collaboration of the Soros Foundation has overly interfered with Montenegro’s electoral politics, it may be that Montenegro needs protection from the US Deep State, if not NATO, itself. That letter did not just stop at Montenegro as being a target of US meddling in generating electoral and political outcomes in foreign countries preferred by neo-con and liberal interventionist elites.

McCain, to be charitable about it, is stuck in Cold War mode against Russia. Anyone saying anything nice about it has to be seen by him and his neo-con and liberal interventionist friends, including many Congress reps from the Democratic Party as suspects to a crime of treason. This bullying is approaching the atmospherics of Senator Joseph McCarthy who destroyed the lives of so many innocent people through his Red baiting in the 1950s of falsely accusing many of supporting Moscow and communism.

The difference today is that Russia is not anywhere near the threat of the Communist days. And even after the Soviet Union collapsed, serious elements in the CIA said that country’s military threat was overestimated. They usually are as part of the formula of building up the powers of the Deep State military security-complex part of which was warned against by former allies commander, general and President Eisenhower, a Republican by the way.

That is what the War Party in the Deep State wants. Over estimation of an adversary to get Senator McCain’s military purchases wish list through Congress. And a heightened .
war rhetoric to divert away from the real problems of America and to delegitimize President Trump who is sceptical of the Deep State. And who has bluntly criticized McCain openly and publicly many times.

These issues related to Russia are diverting attention away from inner city decay, partly a result of trillions being wasted in lost wars McCain wants to lose again and wreck the US economy with.

I am disgusted with McCain and Trump should encourage Mitch McConnell, the Republican head of the Senate to sanction him for his disgraceful behaviour. At the very least, McCain needs
to publicly apologize to Senator Paul, if not resign.

Despicable, hate mongering by the Deep State including the main media being thoroughly against Russia needs to stop. It needs to be replaced with more balanced and rational criticism, than overly pushing any more of this new McCarthyism. A new McCarthyism to prevent a diplomatic entente with Russia and to delegitimize the lawfully elected US president and his overall winning agenda.

That is sadly what McCain and his games are all about, including his personal disdain for Trump than preferring to focus on making America great again. The Senator needs to be reined and soon.

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