Million Hits Plus Plus on This Site: Nice going with this site because of you

Thought I would report on my numbers

I use very little promotion or social media. Yet still got well over a million visits.

Wondered what would happen if actually really worked at promoting it. Interesting question.We shall see if that question will be answered in the near future.

All Time Total Visit: 1,653,291

Individual visitors 119,841

Most Popular Article over last two years

1. Degrade/Sanction ISIS Instead with Russia’s Help: Three Year Truce Between NATO and Russia Needed at Minimum.Visits:

51,330 visits


2- Germany is the US’s end target -not Russia?

43,011 visits


3 – McDonald’s is Unhealthy? Needs to be closed? Russians to start process.Visits:

42,009 visits


4- G13 Caucus To Be Created at G20 Meeting?

36,673 visits


5 Investor Alert: Collapsing Oil Price Impacts Require Portfolio Rebalancing

33,139 visits


6- Canadian PM Harper “warrior” bluster against Putin: Big hat no cattle?

Visits: 26,674


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