More Self-Righteous Anti-Trump Nonsense from a Canadian Angle: Grow up Liberals

I was actually going to give it a break writing about politics. I just have got tired of such a massive flood of anti-Russian rhetoric, combined with a North American media free-for-all to destroy President-elect Trump.

The choruses to say the least have been bordering on being monstrous and may I say pathological. And too many Canadian Liberals and US supporters of them praising Canada endlessly as a paragon of good sense and modesty is overbearing.

Though the celebrities and other certain strong Liberals in the US who promised to move to exciting, “tropical” Canada have not packed their bags. Maybe America is not so bad with Trump in power despite the hostile, malicious rhetoric against him. I am sure the Liberal Canadian snowbirds in much greater numbers will flock to Florida even with Trump having major property there. Or the celebrities are waiting for the Canadian weather map to clear of the minus 20 to minus 40 degree temperatures for a kind of Trump inspired Spring Break to Canada.

In writing about the anti-Trump Canadian media hysteria, one of the most noxious articles for me was in the Huntington Post (Canada) saying that Canada was great because it is, but more importantly because Canadians are so modest about it. Yes, sounds like a bit of a contradiction, so be it.

The implication is that Americans brag about themselves, contrastingly. It is also a dig at Trump who many Liberals feel is at least a braggart about himself. That part about Trump is a little bit more understandable. However, such self-righteous types of descriptions about Canada being more humble versus America need their own reality check.

The slogan of the Trump election campaign was after all, “Make America Great Again”. Clearly that implies America is no longer great. That is definitely not bragging.

Trump’s continued lambasting the negative situation of US Trade deals, inner city decay, violence against police, massive illegal immigration and breaking down of general law and order are not representative statements of someone who thinks America is number one in too many key areas.

The description by Trump of the inhumanity and fiscal waste of the Iraq War is far from bragging. The view by the President-elect of the massive cost over-runs regarding the Pentagon’s procurement programme is not bragging. It goes on and on how many Americans think that their country has great problems and is losing ranking against other countries.

I have to conclude that this is mostly a Liberal Party (and left wing,Tory ) centred view of we, Canada are so superior to the US. Sadly, it has a certain element of adolescent behaviour on one hand. It is also shows a lack of maturity in understanding what a superpower role is and the risks associated with it in the very dangerous world.

A previous Liberal cabinet minister for which I was a key organizer of a major conference on development he hosted, explained the election of Trump as relating to there being much more sexism in the United States. That one I think goes too far and more humility is required as the US in the 1960s more profoundly started the feminist movement and pushed it hard throughout subsequent decades particularly by US Liberals and very vocally.

Maybe there is now just more backlash in the US to it given the serious strength and concerns about hyper political, correctness promoted by US mainstream media.

Let us not be naive, with fully understanding that without the huge US military umbrella, Canada would likely be much more compromised. Canadian aerospace is free much more due to the huge US Air Force than the much smaller, Canadian one. That we should be modest about and rather should push us to be more “grown up” in being more self-sufficient.

I believe we need to have a much bigger armed forces that can more boldly defend Canada. But many Liberal Canadian nationalists have a problem with that because they are so anti-military for the most part.

You can see from my blog articles that Canadian challenges are many to remain competitive and to get out of the economic doldrums especially in many regions. A recent article by MacLean’s magazine on Moncton is devastating about the near disastrous state of the economy in various regions and cities. We need instead a greater modesty towards comparing ourselves with the United States and declaring ourselves superior.

Countries that are really mature and not subsidiary to others do not have a focus fetish on their huge neighbours and trying to prove their relative greater worth. It is the same for young adults who do not feel the need explicitly or implicitly to put down their parents callously even when those parents are temporarily struggling in difficult times and made bad decisions.

Canada in general especially Ontario and especially too many Liberals are too smug and even myopic about our superiority as a country over the United States.

We have plenty enough problems at home. We should feel luckier that our very lengthy border is with America not Mexico. And I say that not casting any aspersions aboot Mexico, eh? Grow up many Canadian Liberals and your US celebrity fans who cannot keep smacking their lips about Canada but will never move there.

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