Murder Media Inc. Going with Cruz for a Trump “Assassination”?

If you check the main media these days, they are really piling on with Ted Cruz in the wake of Trump not having a meteoric placement in the Iowa primary. Normally, a candidate who had little following in a primary who moved to the top but finished a high second place in the end would get a few accolades from the press.

But let’s face it, the overall media, which has been month over month hungry to see Trump’s demise after they predicted his passing away so often without result was getting to starving conditions for news on Trump’s popularity going down.

They predicted Trump’s demise, more than Mark Twain was so falsely reported to have died. In fact it became so frequent that he coined the humorous phrase that the Donald could borrow: tales of my passing away have been greatly exaggerated.

You can tell how hungry they are with the small bite of bad news for Trump that he did not win in Iowa being turned into biblical like proportions as if David unexpectedly slew the Philistine giant.

The media cannot stand anyone who so thoroughly, effectively and publicly criticizes them as Trump has been doing – and weekly and sometimes dramatically like pulling out of a media sponsored debate to protest a journalist’s presence. Notice the response by the top of Fox media to essentially brand Trump as being a terrorist in tactics.

The night of the long media knives, post Iowa caucus shows how sharply they have been further sharpened and thrust out. The main media, especially liberal ones like CNN are pumping up the Iowa story before to complement a complete character assassination process of the Donald.

This is being done by repeatedly stating such stupidities for example that Trump is a maniac that as president would nuke Denmark if it did not give in to America? Was that suppose to happen if all its blue cheese at a discount was not provided to Mr.Trump and right away?

This is not news this is just hyper verbal slime by too much of crazy manic media who needs their heads examined instead? Maybe they need the couch more so and would best borrow from Erik Erikson on collective identity crisis and regression. I think a psychotherapy group session led by Mr. Trump could prove interesting.

You do see more and more as such, mentioned in articles questioning Trump’s stability. More and more they generally describe or infer that Trump is purely unhinged. This is what we call the worse kind of blatant, unfactual and negative reporting I have seen in some time. Richard Nixon got a better review about his sanity.

However let us be very balanced. Donald Trump with some of his ridiculous statements is kind of playing a humorous and/or provocative putdown on the traditional political process and political correctness, I believe. He is even taunting politically correct media to get them to more fully show their bias might be one tactic of his at times.

But yes he needs to watch himself on sensitive issues relating to minorities and gun control. He is more than an occasional loose cannon which does not make it acceptable for media to behave like a dumb psychiatrist stereotyping him as dysfunctional.

Media is After all too much in love with packaged pitches and sound bites they like that gets their kind of audiences – the ones who can follow up and buy products advertised on their channels.

No the poorer with less disposable income and politically alienated that finally were connecting be it to Trump or Sanders are not the media’s main target. As someone who has done the “media tour” in New York, I know to what I speak as I have met many main producers and have been written up enough.

I do not know what the final act will be by “Murder Media Inc” to try to “assassinate” Donald J. Trump or to catalyze it. But there will be that effort as all current evidence supports for their tactics of Cruz that even the real Mafia might give a hand of approval to.

Because let us not kid around they are “blood hungry” for Donald’s hide and even scorn his followers which the media try to characterize as poorly educated yahoos or hillbillies and Trump as chief “hillbully” leader.

Donald Trump will need protection of a sort against Media Murder Inc. by having bigger and more savvy public and media relations teams. Because my suspicion is the media so reviles his most effective put downs of them that they even believe he could put their precious ratings at risk by things like walking away from debates or worse by walking into the White House.

The media is in trouble and you can this by their actions on Trump. Despicable is what it is in one word by many of them but certainly not all – yet.

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