Negative Interest Rates: Silly Panic For Consumers

Negative interest rates on deposits are beginning to hit hard in Europe and Japan.

The research so far shows that they do not work.

For consumers and depositors especially now in Sweden and Switzerland worried about them affecting their income, there is a solution.

Get a bloody bank account elsewhere even in certain EU countries like Germany.

Try the larger and more friendly coop banks.

Cash notes in Germany are still “king” there even with big ticket purchase and no reverse rates- yet.

So, you could even store cash there likely without a problem.

Then even get a credit or debit card you can use from them in your own country.

Interesting that certain European banks will even allow you to hold foreign currency that maybe is subject to reverse interest rates in the home country of the affected depositor.

Even certain accounts in America to England can be easily opened on-line.

You can use Bitcoin, email pay packets and PayPal for storing and moving money that are outside negative interest charges.

And then there is international on-line shopping open to a diverse way of paying and types of account where you can store cash in the form of no fee credits.

Thus negative interest rates whether they apply to average depositors in Sweden or Switzerland or eventually spread elsewhere do not have to be the end of the world.

Live locally but act globally if you have to deal with the worst behaviour of certain central bank globalists.

Enjoy having the last word against your banking elites.

I have.

More help from PDC consultancy on the way.

Unless, you feel lucky.

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