EU May Deny Visa Free Entry to Americans and Canadians over their governments visa restrictions on some Eastern Europeans

Americans and Canadians have been entering most of Western Europe visa free as tourists for many decades. It has been the same visa-versa.

However, the European Union in weeks could be telling North Americans that they will need a visa because of US and Canadian governments’ unwillingness to give an open door to Romanians and Bulgarians who are part of the EU.In the case of the United States add on Poles and Croatians.

There is a reason. North Americans recognize what Brussels should have recognized a long time ago that some of these Eastern European countries are not fully ready to be western nation integrated in free movements of people as tourists or labour from more economically “marginal” states, if not “politically and socially” ones.

With tens of millions of illegal migrants in North America, too many that require a certain degree of social support, it is understandable that both countries do not want to add tens of thousands to many more visa overstayers. This would be especially the case given the poor economies and difficulties in living in Romania and Bulgaria (Albeit to a lesser extent in the latter extent)

The issues of Romanians not finding sufficient work even in “thriving” London and eligible for social welfare under EU rules became a huge issue in England. At least the UK still has border controls within Europe but many economically marginalized and without suitable qualifications from the Balkans have the right to move to the UK.

When those countries in Europe and elsewhere reach a certain economic level – and possibly in certain other respects (e.g. reduced criminality and corruption) then it might be a good idea to further integrate them into US and Canada visa systems.
It should be the same for Turkey, a country with a government that is under question as to whether it has been lenient with ISIS and evermore promoting rigid religious values.

Wake up legislators in the West. Open borders more and more but in an orderly way that maintains security and promotes prosperity.

It would seem by the visa regs of the US and Canada, they have been telling Brussels albeit indirectly that the EU experiment has gone too many bridges too far – at least for parts of Eastern Europe. (There is also a view that Greece may have been another bridge too far at least in terms of EU membership.)

Thus, Canada and the US should maintain visa restrictions on the Balkans – though not sure about Poland. If the Europeans want to lose huge euro amounts in critical tourism contributions then their best strategy is to introduce visa restrictions on Canadians and Americans for having different restriction on Balkan members.

My guess is the EU would never do that because tourists really hate the inconvenience of getting visas. And as France to England to Spain know too well, tourism is Europe’s economic life blood in many locates to nations.

Canada and America should remain open to tourist flies and immigration but in an orderly sensible way. To those who want to play the racist card for those making such reasonable statements bring em on.

The populaces in the West are saying enough to the overly politically correct view on immigration and visa rules and the viscious attacks from the dictatorship of extreme pro-immigration.

Enough is enough against a pro-immigration, common sense approach. That common sense approach by the way must show no religious discrimination except against extremists who should have no place in whoever we let in.

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