Should There Be Open Canadian Borders to Illegal US Refugees and Immigrants Trump Wants Out

I am listening to an Australian main TV newscaster from ABC on my cable TV practically celebrating Canada’s open borders to refugees compared to the US’s. But I am also reading such articles about most Canadians wanting illegal migrants and refugees deported of those coming over the US border. What gives then? illegal-border-crossers-canada_n_15496388.html
The newscaster made her generous statement about Canada after she chastised Trump as behaving childishly with German Chancellor Merkel during her recent visit to the White House.
The message is that the liberal, pro-refugee policies of Merkel and Canada are good and Trump’s policies and behaviour on such are bad and have alienated him from being decently gracious to Merkel.
I would contend that given how many immigrants the US has let in there should be no question that the United States is a pro-immigrant country, including President Trump whose current wife and even first wife were immigrants. This self-righteous overly distorted view that Trump is narrow-minded just keeps getting played by these main media people ad nauseum. They need to let up a little.
It really needs to be appreciated by both Australia and Canada -much less populated countries, by the way- that the US has more massive numbers of illegals. This puts a disproportionate burden on taxpayers there. Combined with the lower popularity of these illegals in the US, compared to Canada which has less of such an attitude, Canada should be open to receiving many of tbese illegals.
This would demonstrate further the Canadian Prime Minister’s likely generous attitude to such refugees and immigrants. It would also help us get better relations with the White House should the Canadian government take in many more of these illegals from the uS.
But seriously, I wonder how Canadians would feel if millions of illegals started pouring over our borders from the US, even if it took some years. And if many employment opportunities in certain areas, law and order and social support for those receiving communities were at least significantly deleteriously affected, how would Canadians feel? It is easier chastise others when not faced with anywhere near the same challenges and play Girl Guides and Boy Scouts of refugee welcoming..
What Canadians, including their Australian counterparts need to know, especially the more liberal pro-open immigration types is that the United States has a very profound problem with illegal immigration, related security risky people and criminal elements within these illegals.
America among western countries is certainly likely target number one of terrorists -not Australia and Canada to that overall same degree.
So furthermore with this substantial unlawful immigration, the US government is faced with in the tens of millions, possibly who have not been properly vetted. Quite a bit of sympathy should be forthcoming indeed that strong, even extra procedures, in vetting refugees and building a security wall on the Mexican border deserves understanding.
The Canadian government though has the right to take in large numbers of those from the United States, a country growingly very mixed feelings about. What is happening in Europe has been shocking given the number of refugees or those contact to such that have been involved with terrorism.
But rest assured, Canada should clearly state how many of those illegal refugees and migrants from the US it has the capacity to support. For it may be having already some serious challenges to even process many Syrian refugees.
Merkel can teach Canadians a lesson of making sure that Canada is more proactive and realistic in preparing and dealing with major potential upsurges in refugees. The Canadian needs to make sure it’s widely disseminated statements are not excessively encouraging numbers of refugees to try to enter the country that it cannot cope with.
Because if a good number of illegal refugees are beginning to enter Canada from the US, it must be because the US border authorities are encouraging it or are incapable of stopping such flows.
Beware Canada what you stand for to the world about being a place that is the most comfortable to go to for (illegal) refugees. President Trump may take you up on it and one day and let waves of refugees pour over the Canadian border?
Well, not likely as Prime Minister Trudeau starts rightfully to put a stop to such a potential overflow? While hypothetical for now, the above should make Canadians pause to ensure they have an updated and realistic refugee policies as the US government is trying to have.

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