PDC: Value Protection depth well beyond superficial main media and the loonies

Peter Dash Consultancy:

For some time, I have noticed two phenomena. Mainstream media is getting to be very homogenous with some exceptions. As if editors and publishers went to some common party plenary, overseen by a central communist party committee, or a secret society, and returned with a fairly common message for wide-scale dissemination. One that distorts reality or adds little value for the investor, especially from a strategic perspective.

This mantra particularly by many business journalists often coincides with what mainstay financial institutions are telling the lesser wealthy and average investors or depositors they advise. Who can you really trust especially in light of the 2008 meltdown sparked by Wall Street that could have wiped you out -or did?

The other phenomenon is that while some of alternative media can be more insightful and brave, there is definitely at times a loony fringe ever present. Between telling us that there are secret societies of aliens guiding or destroying us since ancient Egypt to continuing the doomsday film mantra that fluoride is a conspiracy supporting euthanasia.

Further some of these alternative types argue that there are other government programs to get rid of what certain elites perceive to be surplus bodies that are taking up too much space and resources on the planet at the expense of the West and the rich. They are getting in the way of maximum prosperity for the elites and creating devastating climate change so continues this demented thinking. Some of these conspiracies are assigned to secret big wheel societies like the Bilderberg one covered in my blogs.

There is also because of this, partly a “silo-ization” where leaders to various publics and mainstream groups are too walled off from other perspectives. This separation can be geographic, cultural, ideological and even for risk management. It means decision making can be made without sufficient facts or understanding the impact of policy on important local to global constituencies, thereby creating negative blow-back potential from security to financial perspectives.

Be it Iraq to predicting the moves of Moscow. Or whether it is likely that your bank will give your gold or money back under certain scenarios, the brilliant to the wealthy keep on getting very surprised by ever changing, key developments that go unreported and ignored by the mainstream.

And in a dangerous world, keeping ones eyes open on what is incoming from the wide horizons is important. Combining extensive worldwide experience with “investigative” research skills, I endeavor to bridge many of these gaps. All to the benefit of my clients to see above the excess flash of mainstream media, doomsday seekers or chasers, academic gobblykook and special interest group propaganda to deliver you the real goods.

PDC stands for rational and globally sound analysis to protect your position or positions and prepare you for the brutal world ahead. The question is how lucky do you feel without this quality independent assistance in this day and age.

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