Putin Has 0 Respect for Obama or Clinton? Electing President Trump would make a better difference?

Vladimir Putin has come up from a very tough and modest household to take power and begin the rebuilding of Russia as a superpower. His life story is truly amazing and what he has done to a country that was practically on its knees in the 1990s.
His toughness can be seen by buzzing US fighters and naval vessels without hesitation and little fanfare. All while being asked by a eleven year old what he would do for a drowning Turkish president. Not much he said as he thinks his major opponents are trying to drown by themselves. He may have a point but we cannot certainly say of the West, of “man overboard”- yet. In a true recession, that would be another scenario of real trouble for NATO and less for Russia that can go back to gardening and self-sufficiency in agriculture and housing.
The fact is that his most vocal critics of western leaders will be essentially gone in the fall while he will be still standing for potentially years ahead. Harper of Canada and the PM from Australia I cannot remember his name, and the US president, soon to go in months ahead are all goners. And the candidate Trump ever stronger in the chance of becoming US president gives praise of him. Even Merkel of Germany and Hollande of France are in trouble but not immediately.
Putin’s fly passes of his jets tells Obama he does not respect him. And most importantly, the extra troops Obama is putting in Poland and the Baltics will not intimidate Russia.
The strategy in Ukraine has failed in offsetting Putin. America’s favorite Ukraine PM Yats and the billions invested to bring Ukraine to Europe are lost. Even moderate Dutch can see how Kiev is a corrupt basket case and wants nothing of it in the EU. US taxpayers and those of the EU have been royally ripped off by certain Urkraine oligarchs and corrupt government officials.
Way to go Team West’s overall political establishment showing Putin how you are going to put him in place over Eastern Europe? A region which by the way is more anti-Brussels and anti-Washington than anytime possibly since the retirement of the Warsaw Pact, a communist state, alliance that was led by Russia.
Obama read Putin and much of Eastern Europe wrong and the next president will have a major mess in dealing with Russia that is responding by super modernizing not only its missiles and overall military but regional to global diplomacy.
Pray for a President Trump for a better managed relationship with a Russia that has defeated – no mauled – two empires and now the current president. And who will give Hillary such a horrible lesson if she ever gains the presidency. A person too frighten to go bear hunting with Putin – with tranquilizers. I mean in the guns.

P.S The US military has respect for Putin and his generals and vice versa. Shudder the thought of fighting any war with Russia through the Obama or Clinton White House.

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