The Rest of the West Needs to Stand up against McCain Washington: Or Will Putin put his missiles on alert if any more severe sanctions?

A prominent US scholar wrote about the end of ideology after the collapse of the Soviet Union. I believe that if he had known how reckless elements in Washington and NATO had been, he could have instead or additionally written, the end of the world.

At first, the reading of this title seems over the top. You would argue that nuclear brinkmanship is irresponsible and dangerous. But NATO has constantly been trying to bring Russia to the brink. These potential “destroyer of worlds” let more Eastern European countries join NATO recently and showed no remorse or apologies in the reckless shooting down of a Russian plane. The added sanctions just keep sending a message of provocation.

In essence, Putin is stuck with dealing with crazy NATO, and retrograde neo-conservative elements out to dominate everyone with their values and economic and military power. They have high jacked America for the most part since Kennedy’s assassination though not always.

In fact, one could argue that Obama is their prisoner at times. They have left a huge wake of human carnage from Vietnam to Libya and stuck Americans with a huge bill of dead and maimed sons snd fiscal bankruptcy. They are almost as useless and destructive, no more so, than the past Soviet Union.

So you are saying such a title evokes nut job thinking. But President Nixon with Henry Kissinger’s acceptance put US nuclear missiles on alert when the Soviet Union leader threatened to introduce Russian troops into the Middle East. He was right to do so and his actions kept the Soviets out.

Could Putin do similarly which would be hardly good for investment markets by the way with the exception of gold. By the way Russia has vast holdings above and below ground and America cannot embargo it.

The American people are generally well and want to avoid unnecessary entanglements which has meant the ability of people like Trump to rise even if the elites are spitting nails and using the media as much as possible tooth and nail to destroy him. Their spokespeople even make statements about shooting him in the head and interestingly one of them who said is tied to a very Wall Street connected candidate. Interesting, indeed. They are showing their Kennedy killer instincts?

The world is quite tired, as well of US overreach and the military-security complex accomplices and their approach to overkill and havoc. Too many are narcissistic, psychopathic, greedy overlords even if well-intentioned at times. They include those who are probably psychologically really messed up people like Nuland and the evidence is all around to prove it.

But Hillary may be the high epitome of that possibly such as having more than a bit of frustration in her personal life making her enjoy the fall of alpha strongmen leaders who have let us say have large appetites. She probably would be hysterically happy the way she was overjoyed with Gaddafi’s fall if she could bring down Putin.

I have strong doubts about her psychological balance especially regarding world order issues and strong male leaders. Normally, such analysis should be avoided and is somewhat subjective if not speculative. But her experiences indicates at least such comments should be at least put into question form, without getting too Freudian.

On the other hand in Hillary and McCain’s favor I argue, if the world does not want an overly dominating America it must join together through the UN for example and take up its responsibilities and deal with serious threats. You cannot yap against America and then wash your hands of dealing with great challenges like geopolitical threats. That is a mind-set of an adolescent and geopolitical serfs and the very timid.

Be it Canada to Germany to the Netherlands to Norway and Sweden to to Kuwait to Qatar to Brazi, India and China, you will have to send your young men and women to get ISIS the way most of you rightfully felt the need to get rid of the Nazis or Imperial fascist Japanese. Russia, for example, is doing the real hard lifting, what about you?

Remember, some were slow to rise up agsinst the Nazis so they got you before you got them. Others on the neutral sidelines were lucky that China and Russia stepped in before the Nazis and/or Fascist Japanese had crushed your neutrality.

Are you real men snd women or just passive players deferred to the John McCains whose strategy too often is imperial not collective or reasonable.

Putin snd Trump are the real McCoys of taking the bull by the horns but only when necessary and very tactfully such as cutting off revenues from ISIS. Hillary just wants to overly force an American agenda without understanding the consequences a long with her “geopolitical lover” of McCain. Those including parts of Europe who will not stand up against this are wimps and wish Europe to become a vassal state”. They are also not doing much for global stability by not injecting intelligently their positive opinions.

Dignity comes through a reasonable degree of sovereignty even if one has to suffer like hell to ensure it. Putin knows this snd his people have the guts if not always the financial resources to do do. Bravo and too bad my own country cannot do so simply at times. But yes, it is a nice place to live in – for now. But as I argue we too must ensure sufficient practical sovereignty against possible invasions or huge leverage against us by both northern and southern neighbors.

The world at a strategic level is not for the gutless who will be swallowed by the imperiums. Are you ready to be swallowed? Are you men or mice, Australia, Canada and Europe or are you just willing to say , “Yes Sir”. How embarrassing you are to your children if that is all you can say.

If so then just do like Ukraine, contract your top jobs to those sponsored by Washington. Oh sorry, NATO etc, you already have done so. Wimps.

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