New “Red Scare” From Senator McCain: Very Undemocratic


War hero or not, Senator John McCain  seems these days as if he is trying sometimes to restablish the Red baiting and Cold War days of Senator Joseph McCarthy. This article may help to put the Russia bashers in perspective concerning their view or implied view that Putin seriously helped Clinton to lose.

For those of you who did not live through those Red baiting days, it was a period of witch hunts of attacking many innocent Americans for being Communists. It took place in the 1950s through a senatorial committee headed up by the infamous Senator McCarthy.

McCain may not be as vile as that  but seems consumed with the Russian leader and the Kremlin being behind every political rock seeking to destroy the US and overall western democracy that McCarthy was.

In a period of well  beyond the collapse of  the Soviet Union, this is very much shameful scare mongering. It is in fact more and more part of the narrative being put out by mostly Democrats explaining why Hillary Clinton lost.

Why would McCain  a Republican support such a narrative is truly galling. Maybe he is still bitter about what.Trump said about him and that Mr.Trump won the election. That would be so sad and petty.

If he really wants to find an  excuse as to why Clinton  won two and a half million plus votes more  than Trump and lost do not look to Putin. If the Kremlin were  so devious, how could such a result happen of her  winning so many votes? The senator may need to look at the structure of the electoral college system more, I would argue over anything Putin did or did not do to impact the election.

As a Republican, he should rejoice that between the party’s national committee and Trump’s campaign team that they applied a winning strategy using domestic resources, results of which  will lead to ushering  in a conservative cabinet . That it was was the Republican  opponent who blew it  by not having a more energetic and  populist message,

I think McCain is old thinking caught up with the Soviet period and possibly personal  animosity to Trump.

Now there was a period when the West needed to be  especially vigilant against Moscow prior to 1990. But as I can attest from living  in Moscow for -almost two years, 2014 to 2015  and working for western multinationals, Russia is evermore capitalistic and dependent on that capitalism from the West. And Putin is very much an anti-Communist now.

But Mr.McCain would rather focus in on Putin’s KGB past rather than his supreme popularity in Russia  and  pro-business mentality and  the step by step long term development of  Russian democracy as imperfect as it is. Russia is a country new to democracy and will continue to go through birth pains. And US democracy is a work in process, clearly.

In fact, the heavy hawkish  attitude  of the Arm Services Committee Chair and some of his friends in Congress is contributing to unhealthy paranoia in Moscow and sadly, heightens anti-Americanism. This destructive  behaviour partly explains at times Mr.Putin’s reactions, even if at times, his overreactions.

For God sakes, McCain give your Putin  and Russia  heavy bashing a rest. As Mr.Putin says,Russia needs friends these days not enemies but will not be cowered into submission by the likes  of him. And he knows that America is the biggest hacker,  including hacker of the Russian government  and not to forget allies like Chancellor Merkel of Germany.

Would  it not be better for the sanity of the world not to have Russia anymore unhinged especialky since it  is a major nuclear power even with better missiles than many of the American ones. We do not have to agree with everything Russia does but developing a new McCarthyism  that puts Putin under every bad political  rock is hopeless, anachronistic  and evermore dsngerous.

I do not know what to say to people like McCain. Maybe go bowling or find other ways to let off frustration. Or get  a free  laugh  and watch the movie,  Dr. Strangelove and study the conspiracy paranoia of General Ripper and the results.

I am coming to the increasing  conclusion that McCain  has progressively  lost the plot on geopolitics and should step down. The sooner Mitch McConnell can get the Senator and the overall Senate  away from such reckless Red baiting, the better.

We do not need a new McCarthyism which eould be destructive to US democracy. It is supposedly the promoting  of democracy that McCain  is standing up for. What twisted logic he has with his current McCarthy  like attitudes to those who wish to positively engage Russia.and more and more bring it on side to positive development.

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