Republican Establishment Elements Are the Loonies Now: Not Trump

There was a general view by more than a few at the beginning of the Republican primary campaign that Trump was at least a bit of a loonie. His statements about McCain being a loser because he was captured, to banning Muslims to building a wall seemingly the entire length of the Mexican border with America seemed fantastical and even just plain un-American.

However, I will argue as this campaign has gone on, the lunatic behaviour has increasingly been in the reactions from pro-establishment elements throwing in anything they have on Trump and building mole hills into practically mountains of hate.

Romney’s hit on Trump as a con-artist, misogynous, liar and so on is straight out of hate talk and Rubio seems to be working in tandem. Focusing exclusively on his “deals” gone bad and repeating them again and again with vitriol despite the majority of his deals having been positive shows a manic side of the Republican establishment that was more originally assigned to Trump.

Even Trump has backed away from some of his questionable policies on immigration. Rather elements of the establishment are now the maniacs and loonies. What a change in a sordid overall campaign. Desperation is the mother of invention.

And the Republican Party establishment will now invent any exaggeration and possible falsehoods to defend their territories be it lobbyists, the war mongers to Madison Avenue to Wall Street to multinationals getting too good a deal at the expense of certain American workers.

Too bad the people know this and because of it Trump will make toast of them despite their constant, never ending viscous glee you can see in their “pathological” body behaviour with their knife deep attacks.

It is going to be one heck of battle that Trump and the American people cannot afford to lose. The status quo is dead and the shrill of Romney and his insiders on Wall Street very much worry that it is.

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