Republican Party May Be Finished: Trump could save or destroy it along with RNC

The Republican establishment efforts to sabotage Donald Trump from becoming the party’s presidential candidate seem to have no bounds. The elimination of the Colorado primary and support for rules that allow shadow delegates to be manipulated away by inducements etc indicates that Trump could be stopped before if not in Cleveland.

Trump therefore needs to look at making sure his papers are in order for a third party candidacy. The real problem as was seen with President George W.H. Bush being denied a second term is that a third candidate can do unparalleled damage to the Republican candidate. And that could be the case.

I believe that with the way the Republican establishment is acting combined with the subterfuge politics of Ted Cruz is that there is more than a 50 percent chance that Trump will not be the Republican Party candidate.

As I have said in earlier blogs, the establishment particularly Wall Street is sanguine in getting Hillary as president. And furthermore, I believe even the Republican National Committe by its expressed views is even telling Trump they would fight over the platform even in the middle of an election if they were to find his views unpalatsble.

The chemistry between trumpees and the establishment will likely remain raw. And the Republican establishment does not really want all the Reagan Democrats, anti-free traders on its side. The Donald is developing a membership and orientation that they do not want.

Unless Trump cannot thoroughly crush the establishment with the assistance of Cruz, the RNC may be surer to come out on top against Trump.

The inevitable byproduct will be a strengthened Democratic Party and a Hillary victory. So sad to see the Republicans imploding continuously mostly because their top leadership is so disconnected to the ground reality of every day citizens.

How else could you explain them making Romney a candidate and a failed presidential one. Maybe it is time for the Republicsn party to divide, two to three times. Trumpers, Tea party goers and moderate pro-establishment types.

Investors need to get fully up to the fact a liberal Democrat could be again soon in power. Foreign governments need to also get ready for an American interventionist policy and activist government.

Hillary will inevitably win unless the Republican Party gets its act together. And Trump needs to move to be more of a statesman rather than fight with gutter type, disproportionate tactics against whoever criticizes him.

This could mollify enough of the establishmentarian and regular moderates making it more possible for a President Trump than just a president who looks like a losing chump.

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