Sad Faced Merkel and Her Refugee and Pro-Brussels Policies Need to Go.

The terrible new terrorism events in Germany reenforce not only a message of a need for realism on policies on refugees and immigration. It tells us also that Merkel’s grand leap beyond reason to bring over a million refugees into Germany from mostly the Middle East has been a leap into a security abyss.

There are now just too many  terrorist events or planned ones (?) taking place in Germany that tell us her grand leap of “We can do it ” is a  jump over a political “Grand Canyon” of trying to resettle successfully so many unvetted refugees. It is pure lunacy, in fact.

For this incredible historical mistake resulting in so many innocent or injured dead Germans, I am afraid there is only one conclusion. Merkel must fall on her political sword and assume full responsibilities for this level of deadly craziness so as to clear the decks for a whole new set of more rational policies on security and European stabilization.

Most importantly a new German leadership with a better image  on these refugee-security issues will help restore confidence with regular Germans, neighbours and allies that Germans and impacted Europeans can have better control over their borders again.

That they can better succeed against the plague within let in by Merkel. And most importantl Her dismissal and replacement with a real solid law and order leader might really help at keeping more of these terrorist types out that are salivating about doing their next job to kill vastly more Germans and other Europeans, no doubt.

Western moral and security fibres are being tested more than any time since World War II. Germany now as a lynchpin country in maintaining that civilization has under Merkel’s leadership overly expanded the EU on the Balkan front, made excessive promises to integrate an increasingly unstable evermore Islamist Turkey into the EU and supported Obama’s destabilizing policies in Syria that have excacerbated refugee outflows to Germany.

Merkel has belatedly looked at firming up Europe’s borders but at the same time weakened Greece economically and likely Italy, too. Greece like Italy is a country whose stability is key given its major exposure as an entry point to many refugees including ISIS embedded ones in these flows.

THe German chancellor has in fact alienated the British so much by her excessively liberalized approach to expanding the EU in too many facets that she has caused the Brits to leave and embolden the far right upsurges throughout the continent.

That is a hard record to follow on continental and global security. The Chancellor though with a decent internal German economic record has unfortunately thrown so much of that advantage away with her immigration and refugee policies. We are only beginning to see the negative impact of her external open border policies on greatly eroding European civilization well beyond sine troubling economic ripple effects.

The new Trump administration is in keeping with its idea of protecting western civilization with strengthened borders and  more rational immigration and refugee policies. (Though they need some refinement from harsh electoral rhetoric.) These new policies should hopefully  better lead us to what has been generally our better prosperity, civility and stability prior to much of pre-OPEC, post World War II period.

The US will need a Germany lynchpin ally in continental Europe it can count in in better keeping the ISIS contagion and radical Islam out of the entire West. It will need an ally that knows better how to stem the flow of terror, even at its source and contribute to a bold new plan to increase prosperity among its immediate neighbours, not to fiscally strangle them including on trade and monetary policy. A weak Europe is not an advantage to the US or western security.

Huge reforms at the ECB, the central bank in Frankfurt dominated by Germany will be also required. For the  horrible stagnant rest of Europe overall with some exceptions is a breeding ground for polarization and extremism. Current monetary policy is limiting growth as some countries need to get out of the euro, especially if Germany does not.

Merkel has proved she does not understand how to make most of Western Europe great again and contribute properly in making western civilization great again, as well. She is what we call “old hat” and a strong obstacle to European realism.

She has become a worn out symbolism to preventing a properly reformed Europe with a need of much less of a Brussels of the technocratic , pie-in-the-sky globalism “authoritarianism”. She is  an obstacle to the common sense policies and Trumpian order that will secure our civilization.

It is therefore time for her to go and hopefully for Germans to decide to elect a more contemporary figure. That leadership, man or woman will hopefully have modern workable policies to making Europe overall a secure and prosperous place.

Germany can be a positive partner to the new better, more secure America on its way, hopefully that will support upholding western cohesiveness and key positive values.

If Germany cannot play this serious partnership role as offering a model  pthat will be a sad day. It has been doing so until recent years for the most part particularly prior large scale EU expansion into the Balkans and promises to include Turkey.

A further floundering German leadership of Europe under Merkel would put a sad face on many in the world, too not just the one she seems to be carrying around with her. It is one she  especially has had over the last year or so given the challenges she is facing within and outside her party and government. Again, her departure would be welcomed and may come as a result of election results next year.

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