Vast Counterstrike by Global Liberal Elites May Be Coming: Trump needs to watch out.

The global liberal elites are reeling from the Trump and Brexit victories. The last stage in the pivot away from them as the top power centre will be the removal of sanctions against Russia.

Once this happens it will be one of the strongest signals that they have lost and that populist nationalist conservatives in some degree of harmony with the orthodox East are the new emergent. And that neo-cons will become, if not an asterisk, a secondary voice on matters geopolitical.

Currently, still the  arsenal of these elites are powerful but eroding. They have most of the mainstream media in their pockets, trillions if dollars of investment leverage  by the likes of peopke like Soros and the Rothschilds and other major ruling families that essentially  greatly influence central banks. Finally, the intelligence community is largely but not totally against Trumpists and has huge powers.

I believe the setting up of inquiries and promoting of ideas that Trump is essentially a Russian “agent”, be it unwilling or not, by people like the outgoing CIA director and Senator McCain is one element in the attack to fundamentally undermine the Trump presidency and movement  before the new administration has even begun. Such actions by Washington insiders are disgraceful.

Then, consistent with such disgraceful behaviour, also  expect the mobilization of liberal to leftist street activists with the smallest excuse of Trump moving on his agenda on immigration, be it stopping funding of sanctuary cities to accelerating expulsions.

The idea behind these groups is if they cannot help maintain the globalist liberal  agenda, then they will try to make it virtually impossible to let Trump govern and apply his opposite one.

These authoritarian globalist liberals will be happy to evoke a strong arm response by the Trump administration against protesting groups. This will be especially so for groups that are demonstrating which have strong minority bases. They want to keep on painting a tired narrative that Trump is a authoritarian bigot.

The fact that there are so many military types in the Trump cabinet will be alluded to to generate this attempt to paint Trump as a pseudo-fascist as these groups have consistently tried to do. It will not work but may further reinforce the East and West coast (urban) schism versus the Midwest, South and small town and rural areas.

I expect this chaos will finally get sorted out as the Trump team gets better control of the government apparatuses and starts generating better economic results for top to bottom..

Unfortunately, large remaining parts of  the liberal bureaucracy will fight his efforts from deregulation to working more cooperatively with Russia and renegotiating free trade deals. Their media cheerleaders will continue to provide “screaming”  support.

While all this agitation goes on supported by people like Soros, Democrats and even certain Washington insider Republicans, the incoming president must not overly react. He must steadily assert himself over the government with his new appointees to cabinet.

Again the real test of his ascenscion and those of the populists, nativist pragmatists, worldwide  will be when Britain formulates a serious Brexit strategy. This will be important to the populist nativist movement  along with an incoming  French government who will be sympathetic to Russia and along with of a bit of  an electoral thrashing of Merkel in the next German election.

These events will  probably do it to break the log jam over Russia and lead  to a more decentralization of Europe. Faced with these facts, the global liberal elites  along with the neo-cons will be sent into  a hibernation for quite some time.

The Soros style and promoted street  agitations and the poisoned mainstream media will become more and more “white noise” in the background, as well as political correctness.  There will be less straightjacketing of government to  stop growth but to help the  dynamic development of western manufacturing and small and medium business lending.

But the question remains will the big families, largely liberal-minded along with their key friends in organizations like the FBI and CIA make huge efforts to prevent the Trump people from “surviving”.

If they overly interfere there will not be simply a Warren Commissions to bury everything. There will be a real revolution but with the mass of millions of Trump supporters on the street with elements of the police and military on their side if certain fools get carried away. This may sound alarmist but history tells us never to assume some of the worst outcomes are not possible in these kind of polarized situations.

Let us not be naive, these people at the top who have been creaming and gaming the system with their crony capitalism and neo-conservative approaches, really despise Trump and his followers and see them as a threat. The next two years will be crucial and I do not expect these liberal interventionists to neo-con thugs to go out with a whimper.

In fact, I expect they have just begun to fight and could play much dirtier and  highly dangerous roles in their behaviour towards the incoming  administration. Trump would do well to use his best allies mostly at home but even abroad if necessary and within reason  to prevent these thugs from undermining him and global peace and prosperity.

When your enemies are loathsome, you cannot simply bend over. And I am sure Trump will not as these main globalist liberal forces regroup to remove power from a duly elected president.


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