Trump, Schlonger in Chief ? Delivers Another Whopper: Sad to do so, sad the overreaction?

Yes, Donald Trump uses somewhat vulgar language and nasty aggressive attack language at times. I can see it as appealing to certain factory workers (and I have been one of them) and full-time bar attendees which I have been also one of, a lesser of claims to the previous one possibly. I can see the anti-feminist and anti-politically correct as being happy with him.

However, I can see a lot of those groups not wanting to make such remarks in full public or in front of their daughters – at least most.

Donald Trump is certainly not an average politician but as I wrote in a previous article he and Hillary will have to find language and ideas that will bring a unity between factory worker to college graduate.

Meanwhile, he just wanted to say she was screwed by Obama by the way he defeated her in the primaries. Most of us “older” types see that this word still resonates to describe what happens to other men, figuratively speaking when they are unfairly treated.

Thus, how dare the Donald show equality by applying it to a woman. Maybe he should have said she was hosed if he wanted to appeal to the working class with much less vulgarity.But then a hose could …never mind.

This article goes to the public so I zip my lip. The politically correct police could be out in full farce, if I do not ‘cower”. But yes, he should have not said it but I expect his poll numbers among his converted will be enamoured by it. Sad.

Let us just hope he does not carry on such discussions at length. Otherwise he could get branded as the Schlonger in Chief, a description more fit for a porno actor than a president. And so was his language, by the way.

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