Senator McCain’s “Poison” For Putin. Too toxic, an anti-Russia ideology

Senator John McCain in Donald Trump’s eyes for over a year has been considered a troubled loser. Not only did McCain get captured (truly forgivable, less so to Trump) but Trump squashed his proxy of Senator Graham in the Republican primary race.

More importantly, McCain lost the presidential race when he ran, while Trump won it by a sizeable margin in electoral votes. And all by someone without the august years of sitting in the Senate or any legislature. All of that may have been too humiliating for the “Old War Horse”?

For President Putin, after listening calmly for years to the Senator’s bellicosity against him, he finally decided to make a tough judgement. Putin, essentially said anyone who like McCain had been put in a hole of captivity for years in Vietnam would have been affected. That must have hurt.

Now, McCain is back to his vile and ever flowing fountain of hostile thinking about Putin. It is clear just as he wanted to get Trump who stood up to him and politically bettered him, he is on a vendetta to get Putin who essentially equated the senator with being a nutter.

I would rather like to think of the senator, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee as being past his shelf life in that capacity, instead. Let us not forget he did provide many years of commendable service in the past. Americans are thankful of that and most Russians can respect someone’s long service to their country and showing a willingness to die to defend it.

Now Gingrich has been more charitable than Putin and has said that in real power, McCain does not count that much. Maybe McCain by being so noisy including in the media, against both Trump and Putin is desperately trying to prove the opposite -at least to himself and some of his fully committed allies that he still has political mojo.

President Trump has been even further charitable by giving him a tweet and calling McCain a loser again. Attention from the President is a form of flattery. For Gingrich probably thinks that the Senator does not deserve one critical tweet certainly not the long one that required three by the President. It was in response to McCain calling a successful operation authorized by the President to kill Al Qaeda operatives as a semi-success at best.

Now media is reporting that McCain is going whole hog against Trump because the President still refuses to criticize Putin. If one recalls, McCain even threatened to have Congress legislate against the President being able to eliminate sanctions against Russia. He still does.

And in a recent article for the “US News”, a mass circulation broadsheet, McCain writes a near endless diatribe against Putin, essentially calling the leader worse than a Mafia Godfather. /story/opinion/2017/ 02/13/ trump-gets-it-wrong-on-putin-russia-moral-equals-john-mccain-column/97822770/

It is funny after living in Moscow for almost two years walking everywhere, going to all sorts of restaurants I did not even have a Mafia “horse head” served up or heard of one -though my fold-out cheap bed felt like it was made of horse hair. I experienced no crime which I cannot say for my time in New York City.

Yes, I did hear some rather heavy handed ideas but from a foreigner about Putin’s people pushing the military to vote for Putin. (They would anyway by themselves) and from the top Russian Stephen Cohen in an interview who said sometimes there were some “slight” manipulations of the vote to allow certain minority parties with no hope on winning to get enough votes to finish a more respectable second etc. I never heard one Russian say anything bad against Putin but the local Moscow Times was full of criticism against him. So much for the famous press censorship in Russia.

Polls now show Putin is more popular than ever before in Russia where over 80 percent support him. (It seems his popularity has been rising in parts of Europe, as well.) I think one reason is Russians circling the Russian president’s wagon in response to the pure, unmitigated attacks by the “Attack Russia War Party” of people like McCain. The Russians are sick of him and his types and the sanctions.

As a result, though they are more self sufficient in food than ever before, have better relations commercially with China than almost ever before and have missiles that are almost unstoppable. Oh yes, they are largely more united. The Russians do not cower from foreign adversity, they embrace it if necessary as Hitler and Napoleon found out.

Putin is far from perfect but he has stabilized Russia after the Yeltsin government chaos and sell out of of Russian government assets on the super cheap. He still needs to check corruption and was doing so until he was initially “squeezed to the wall” by sanctions.

But under such pressures he is more interested now in control from attacks by western government and their non-governmental allies than cleaning up the system would be my guess. He is getting more focused on excess western demagoguery with the result he has cut down exchanges with the West even on orphanages. That does nothing good for spreading positive western values.

Obama would not stand a chance to govern Russia as he would be swallowed up by residual “dark” forces there. Russia, one has to renember is still on a journey towards democracy but the culture among the very people at the grass roots is still towards authoritarian tendencies by our standards and probably with the idea of tolerance more equivalent to 1950s America. This is especially so in the periphery of Russian republics like Chechnya. So be it, not everyone is born in our image or wants to replicate us or can do it so quickly.

That being said, even with Putin, Russia has come a long way since 1990 when communism collapsed. Let us keep it that way because if the McCains keep pushing and provoking, it could produce over the years a more defensive reaction than anyone would like to consider. Read my dystopia novel,”Operation Golden Bear” when it comes out to get an idea of how bad things could get in Russia.

So McCain, maybe retire, open up a Bud and take a breath against Russia and invite a Putinite to dinner not for dinner. He or she will not be political kryptonite,

Let us acknowledge that America is much more economically powerful and militarily stronger than Russia. It over the last decades has seen the “magic” of US capitalism which had spread everywhere through cities like Moscow. It will only take time for a more deeply democratic and pluralistc system to evolve there if you and your like Mr.McCain do not mess it up like the way you did in Iraq and Libya.

I do not know who in total was exactly poisoned in the Russian opposition and by whom. It is terrible what happened and the perpetrators should be fully identified beyond speculation and dealt with.

But the Senator should know that his own words could poison the life out of having a decent peace with the Russians, a peace that could save thousands, if not millions from death. That is a lot of poison he himself is spreading. He needs to be held responsible for the poisonous words that also can lead to war and killing and stepped up hatred between the vast majority of good people of the US and Russia.

But don’t worry, I know the Russians enough, so they won’t let people like McCain undermine them. They would practically die to the last man and woman to stop full aggression against them.

McCain might not have enough time to see a more democratic and fairer Russia comming. But most Americans do and would prefer to more calmly and sanely edge Russia that way. Why McCain who has generally served the government well in so any past decades does not want to do so with respect to Russia is worrisome and possibly more personal.

The President is trying so courageously to improve relations between two major nuclear powers under constant and not so loyal “friendly fire”. I empathize that he just is not about to placate the battering rammers of the liberals and especially the wacky left whatever abuse he suffers now furthered by Senator McCain and his toxic words about Moscow.

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