Silly Republican Establishment and “Feminist” Vote Biggest Threat to Potential Presidential Win for Trump

It is really getting hackneyed all the belly aching by top establishment Republicans and their top media connections as to how Trump is a disaster, no an apocalypse for the coming presidential election.

A number of them scream out like Cassandra Paul Ryan, House leader that Trump must be soft on the Klu Klux Lan, fully bigoted against Hispanics, grossly insensitive to women and lastly, overly upsetting to allies and trading partners. In sum, Donald Trump in their view will hand over the presidency with ease to Hillary Clinton. But they don’t get it. The people are saying differently.

First, despite the disloyalty of the Republican establishment to the front runner let us look about their impact on Trump. Clearly Trump did extremely well with most groups. He clearly was the winner of Super Tuesday by a wide margin and when Cruz’s delegate rich home state of Texas is taken out (and will not be repeated again) he practically smashed the opposition.

The threat is not so much the Democratic Party but from the people running the Republican party continually putting him down. It is disgusting and the primary results show that they are out of touch with most of their base.

After all that belly aching about him turning off Hispanic voters, he got almost half of their support in Nevada. Thus, such bellyaching Republicans at the top echelons of the Party should resign or work harder in understanding and connecting with the grass roots. At the very least, they should shut up when it comes to their malicious characterizations of The Donald which are out of line with reality.

The other threat to a Trump presidency is what I call the “feminist” vote. Many women, primarily educated ones including independents simply think that a woman should be the president. And Hillary is a once chance in a life time for that to happen in their opinion.

Whatever Hillary’s blemishes on Libya, Iraq, her e-mail scandal or her lack of trustworthiness, they do not essentially care. They want a woman at all costs and they are passionate to see it through.

Trump also with this particular personality creates a view that he is an old style alpha male, chauvinistic. His interaction with journalist Kelly supports the feminist idea that he is a put down personality of women. His wife’s recent chastisement of him as overly aggressive was not helpful in that regard but shows that Trump is married to an independent and thoughtful woman, not just a trophy.

My view is that Trump has to be looked at as to how he employs women and the responsibilities he gives them. His daughter Ivanka runs a lot of the day to day business and would be likely in charge of his sprawling real estate empire if he weren’t to become president.It appears his company does better than most in this regard but could do better.

However, he is not a touchy feel male championing all the time issues like equal pay and women power that many feminists like to see in a man but so what. I would not call Gloria Steinham, arch classical feminist so touchy feely either. His dedication to maintaining federal funding of women’s programmes should mean more.

So there you have it, Trump’s own party establishment and women voters oriented towards feminism may be the greatest threat to Trump becoming president not the minority vote so much in a close vote.

I have said it before that the Bush family is quite close to the Clintons. And since Trump has mauled Jeb Bush, they would see Hillary winning as not such a bad outcome for them. One of the Bush top people is mobilizing a huge PAC fund to “kill” Trump’s chances.

My recommendation is that Trump go out of his way to crush the worst offenders of the Republican establishment. It has been working fine for him as the people are sick of Republicans who seem to build up the rich establishment and Wall Street and cause useless, expensive and terrible wars scarring hundreds of thousands of regular vets and causing excessive blowback from inhuman treatment of innocent people in the targeted foreign countries.

The biggest losers in from these primaries will be the grandees and you can hear it in their screaming and preaching agsinst Trump. Meanwhile, it is understandable about the pro-Clinton feminist vote even if it lacks rationality at times given how unprogressive Hillary is and what she tolerated with her husband. But that is another blog somewhere.

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