Switzerland: The best country for the select many and why

I have been going to Switzerland since 1976 and evermore frequently. In a troubled world it has some amazing statistics of stability, civility, efficiency, environmental balance, superior education and solid governance. And that is just the beginning of it.

Those who wish to manage risk appropriately may need to be reminded why it will remain a haven, despite massive financial attacks on it that were severely perpetuated by the Obama administration.

That is not say tha some of the harsh actions taken were not justified but it went overboard and will be thus corrected.  However, I believe the Trump administration and the May led government in the United Kingdom are reducing reasons for those wanting to flee with their money to European tax havens or various other ones in emerging market economies such as the Caribbean.

Let us first not forget that its currency, the Swiss franc which is essentially an international reserve currency, and one of the best was once only worth 25 US cents, decades ago. It is now worth more than a dollar and would be worth much more possibly without the strong intervention of the publicly traded Swiss Central Bank. This idea of private ownership in Switzerland may be in fact, one of the strongest anywhere in the world reflected in that even their central bank’s shares can be traded. Even I am permitted to own a huge chunk of that bank and in fact a professor owns one of the largest chunks as an individual.

Despite major  challenges with its banking sector regarding tax matters, the country is fuelled by an extremely technically sophisticated  work force in and beyond the financial sector. Interestingly  many of whom are vocational and are well trained through apprenticeships. This may explain why underemployment and unemployment are very low in the country.

Switzerland also has one of the most advanced health sectors well supported by private sector  insurance schemes but that are kind to the needy and pensioners. The country is after all home to some of the biggest health insurance and pharmaceutical  companies. Premiums though can be somewhat expensive for the lower middle class but the care one receives is second to none.

The government is well structured with local cantons and communities being highly empowered and rotating presidents each year at the federal level. There are even regular referenda. It is very difficult for a few political players to dominate, yet with the relatively disciplined culture things get done through efficient processes. Part of thatis a state-of-art transportation system that largely runs on schedule.

Switzerland is multinational so to speak rather than multicultural. Each language speaking part, be it  the French, German.Italian (and Romansch) parts have strong identities but within a cohesive Swiss cultural framework.

Importantly, Switzerland maintains a degree of neutrality including not being part of the EU, the euro nor NATO though it is part of the east-west cooperative organization of  the OSCDE and the United Nations.

The climate at lakeside is moderate to near sub-tropical with gorgeous snow capped mountains well supporting winter sports infrastructure. It’s nature and heritage sites are beautiful and the country is in a central position from where it is easy to go to major European cities in little time by the most advanced trains and by air. The engineering of its  modern highway systems are well known for excelkence.

In many reports Switzerland emerges number one in competitiveness such as the one associated with the Davos  Forum. Again, this is underscored  by its superior education system, structurally balanced economy more dependent on sophisticated added-value engineering and services and a long history of servicing important global markets by exports and in finance.

I therefore believe that the country will remain a hub for those who are choosy about where they live, particularly if their business can be performed there through relying on solid communication and Internet infastructure.With its continued commitment to the most advanced R and D, including in atomic particles, its competive position will be largely secured.

There are very few countries that in my rating system  come  up to the A levelvinclusive of  serious private property and financial protection especially non Americans. This is one of the most top rated  because of the above. There are many other reasons to which I can further elaborate on in a consulting role. In addition, personal banking, residency obtainment  for taxation and legitimate privacy protection can be facilitated.

Good luck in the brutal world of today and a much worse one likely ahead for the many, not just the ones living on the periphery.


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