Syria Pull-out: Putin wins again (over Obama) here’s why

Surprise? Vladimir Putin has made another major strategic move that seems historic but more importantly unfathomable to many in the western foreign affairs departments especially US State?

George Bush invaded Iraq and declared mission accomplished rather early. And got enmeshed there so much that in part he lost his legacy of possibly being even an average president when he stayed too long and mismanaged efforts to make peace.

President Putin instead “left” Syria in a much more timely fashion without causing the chaos of secular regime change and then started declaring mission accomplished.

He smartly declared the mission accomplished without anyone really knowing what his precise yardstick was exactly in defining success, which made it further difficult to judge the exact extent of his success. But he left the image that his bombers did much more hard damage to ISIS than America And NATO had done over many more previous months of bombing.

Call this typically Russian Byzantine or more of pure vintage Putin or both, but once again he has got world attention and a greater belief from the world that he is setting and moving the agenda not so much America? At least in the Middle East, if not in Europe, too?

Interestingly Putin did this as John Kerry and the US State Department were trying to exercise a certain visibility and attempted leadership in bringing the various Syrian fractions and warring parties together in peace talks.

And what Putin did by announcing his pull-out of Russian planes from the bombing missions in Syria is most interesting. He has basically made Russia a non-issue to the factions allied to the West especially the US who accused his war effort at being overly directed at the anti-Assad, “non-terrorist” elements.

Now those anti-Assad elements cannot blame Putin for being such a threatening obstacle to peace. Neither can they readily blame Russia for the failure of these more serious peace talks than ones before. Yet Putin has put Assad, his ally in a stronger position to negotiate by having degraded serious opposition to him at least militarily.

And by exiting now, he has stuck Obama with the serious clean up of ISIS which Putin knows at this stage is costly snd more problematic. Putin though by clearly demonstrating that he has done to ISIS what the Americans snd NATO could not do in more than a year still looks much more successful than NATO.

In the ongoing geopolitical “gamemsnship” Putin wins again and leaves Obama with the full egg yoke on his face? This is just too amazing to believe?

The master geopolitical realist has given another lesson to Foggy Botton and left it almost speechless as can be seen on TV. Really sad for our side snd hopefully we shall see a President Trump doing better in regards to Putin. We can only hope so.

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