Ted Cruz’s Goldman Sachs Behaviour and Connections: Unfit for presidential office and a possible Wall Street Trojan horse

Ted Cruz has been well known to be married to a Vice President of Goldman Sachs. What was less known is Cruz being married to Goldman Sachs tactics in his campaign. These kind of ruthless, selfish and immoral tactics to achieve a goal have been gone into greater detail by Greg Smith, a former VP himself of Goldman whose expose shows how a proud organization has gone sour in recent years. (Further information on candidate’s wives connections to Wall Street, go to Fortune magazine http://fortune.com/2016/01/14/ted-cruz-heidi-christie-wife/)

Here is the thing with Team Cruz and why they are despicable at least very much of recent. To head off Trump’s momentum in Iowa a place where top pundits said that he could never do well in, Senator Cruz even admitted his teams for which he is responsible slimed Carson’s chances.

This was done by saying to caucusing voters that the competing candidate for the same mostly evangelical voters, Dr. Ben Carson was quitting the race. This was patently a viscous lie and was done at the very last minute to ensure maximum damage and to give Carson little chance just before the Iowa caucus votes to set the record straight.

Why do I call this Goldman tactics? As Smith points out, Goldman these days just does not care anywhere enough for the people they serve. They rack up their advantages for themselves and care much less for their clients getting real accurate information about the true market.

In this case it is Cruz trying to prevent the customer – or at least potential ones from having the transparent and critical goods on what is real happening and even selling very bad goods to the “client”. Why, because victory or profit in the case of Goldman in whatever way they can get away with has been too much the main criterion of their recent past successes.

In terms of being too close to Goldman, one cannot say by marrying a Goldman executive fully taints one. However, it can make one wonder whether this puts a spouse into much more usual contact with that organization than an average politician even one acting as a bank lobbyist, essentially. A Goldman that is getting into more lawsuits than just about any bank in the history of the USA. There is a reason for this.

But by Cruz getting loans from Goldman in the million dollar variety and not declaring it makes one also wonder.Is Ted Cruz the Trojan horse for Wall Street? And that a lot of his talk against crony capitalism will be simply talk if he finally gets the control of real presidential administrative and veto power?

Ted Cruz by his closeness to Goldman Sachs and his very recent win at all costs tactics makes him likely unfit for presidential office. His total unworkability with Congress may not be that helpful either but not the main point. As a fellow Canadian born on Canadian soil, I feel soiled by Canadian Ted Cruz and his overall unclean behaviour not only by his Goldman Sachs,investment banking juxtapositions. Enough said.