The Disunification of the United States

Do not get me wrong. Hillary Clinton still has a strong chance to become not only president but the first female US president. The politically correct who remain numerous, women voters, college educated, millennials and independents want to see it happen. And so does Hollywood, much of the mainstream media and climate change believers. That is a lot of people.

However, here is what could stop it. Making wild accusations that Trump is promoting ISIS and trying to completely discredit Trump as retrograde and an anti-women chauvinist could wholeheartedly mobilize a group that could threaten her nearly already declared victory. And even if she won, it would be a pyrrhic polarizing one at this rate.

American, older white males are now at the near end of it in being chastised as not being with it on issues of sensitivity to women. They are tired of being picked on for automatically being considered anti-women and anti-minority. They have seen a lot of changes in the work force where for example women held no executive or manager positions but now occupy up to thirty percent or more in banking positions and appear to be given much greater priority for hiring in many organizations. This is compounded by a slow growing economy laden with government debt.

Working class, older white males who voted for Obama see that their generosity of spirit has done little in advancing their cause. Their incomes are down and too many Black communities are on on “fire” and increasingly hostile towards majority elements of society.

In fact between the two candidates, only the Donald is talking about how free trade deals holed out manufacturing and their high paying jobs and substituted them with hamburger flippers and Wall Mart workers. Hillary has shown she does not care that much about that group.

Also, a lot of groups are tired of her interventionist approach she has to foreign policy and immediate chastising of people like Vladimir Putin with his macho imagery and his firm approach to American exceptionalism that she applied to the Middle East. An approach they argue that has led to huge body counts of innocent civilians and body bags of US soldiers many of whom originated from lower income families.

She has simply said after many years that Iraq was a mistake – it ain’t good enough from their view point. It feeds on their lack of trust overlapping with her lack of transparency on her so-called e-mail affair. They do not want to pay anymore for Hillary’s future and unnecessary costly wars. And clearly, Hillary is worrying in fiscal management.

I think in the end that the next US election will be one of the most polarized along gender, race, religion and possibly generations. The American nation needs unity more than ever before given the exponentially expanding challenges it is facing.

In Clinton snd Trump we do not have enough of a unifier, now. And the bitterness among evangelicals, gun owners and older Whites could get very nasty. It could also become more reflected in the new Congress making the Obama presidency look less divisive.

Something both candidates should give some thought to as they approach becoming the presidential candidates for their respective parties. And yes Hillary, Donald Trump remains a serious contender however you try to label him and his devoted supporters.

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